Monday, November 2, 2009

Gone With The Wind

On Sunday, Channel OKTO was showing Gone With The Wind. They were also running some contest for viewers to see who could come up with the most creative suggestion on how to survive through such a 'marathon' movie. A creative way by the TV station to get folks to tune in.

Well, this is a movie masterpiece in the past. Due to its strong story line and historical background, likely it will keep its place in movie history in the future too.

The scene that leaves the greatest impression in my mind is not the 'kissing' scene where they loved to use to advertise the movie, but the scene where the female lead asked God to witness her promise to herself that she would never go hungry again. Before this scene she was digging up something from the ground to eat as she was so hungry. After which she threw up.

From the close up view of her determine facial expression when she spoke those lines, the camera zoom out and showed her against a backdrop of the setting sun. In the foreground was barren land and a withered tree without a single leaf. Then we have the familiar theme music playing in the background. Perfect composition to heighten the emotional impact of the scene !

I admire the survival instinct of the female character and her will power. I suppose audience can relate to her because she is very human with so many imperfections.

Being an animal lover, there is a scene that upset me. She gave little thought to the horse that carried her and others out of danger war zone. The horse was foaming at the mouth and she kept hitting it with a stick to get it to move faster. When finally the horse collapsed and died, all she cared about was how far were they from home. She did not even gave the poor creature a second look but ran towards the house.

Nowadays movies are different. Characters in the movie would risk arm /leg and even their life to ensure their pet escape with them.

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