Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Animal Abuse - Part 2

I read with horror in yesterday papers that a collar was threaded through the cat's body. A cut of about 4 cm was made on the cat's right shoulder to insert the beaded collar.

Just imagine someone doing it on us - how painful it is. SPCA believed that likely there are more than one person involved in the cruel act. How people can derive fun from inflicting pain on helpless animal is beyond me.

Luckily there is a happy ending to this episode. After 2 surgeries, it is recovering well and put up for adoption by SPCA.

According to SPCA - this is one of those friendly and trusting nature cat which makes it vulnerable to people with cruel intent.

Yes, from my personal observation of strays, there are mainly two kinds - approachable and unapproachable. Those approachable ones will run towards you and enjoy being stroked, purring away happily. The unapproachable ones which likely have had bad experience with human before, are very wary, running away to avoid contact.

Darwin's theory of survive of the fittest. In modern context - survival of the cautious.

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