Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Why does it take so many years ?

The law on money lenders to deal with the illegal lending activities of 'loan shark' has finally been amended and likely to be pass in parliament. Why has it taken so many years before the government decided to act on this teething problem ? After all our skyline and landscape change at 'eye blinking' speed ?

Likely the government would be still 'pondering' over this issue, if not for the two Integrated Resorts which are opening soon. The problem will be compounded with the addition of the two legalized gambling venues. Thus, they needed to act now.

Perhaps it is also because the general election is just round the corner. It is good to appease the long suffering innocent victims of loan shark activities which are increasing in numbers over the years.

MM Lee leads the pack in needing years to come to a conclusion on the effectiveness of a policy before making a change. It was reported that he took 40 years before he realized that he made a mistake in our Bilingual Policy.

This is the same for the population policy which result in our current dilemma of falling birth rate. Only decades later they admit they made a mistake to effect another change in the law to encourage more babies.

Same goes for the law on organ donation. We need to have a high profile widely publicized lawsuit of illegal organ trading before the law is amended.

Can't the government exercise more initiative to effect changes. Must something 'drastic' happens before they can be propelled into action ?

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