Thursday, November 5, 2009


This week, an ex-VP of the college came over to give a presentation on a home water filtration unit. She looks happy and cheerful. Not sure if it is job satisfaction or part of her nature. Likely a combination of both factors. Well, being your own boss is definitely more satisfying than working for others, especially if it is under the government sector. Unless one is 'immune' to red tape and rigidity.

I enjoyed her presentation - educational. Lots with demonstration - seeing is believing. She is trying to get folks to 'buy' her product instead of trying to 'sell' it to them. She reminds me of what I tried to achieve back in safety profession. It is always an uphill task trying to 'sell' something - be it in material form or a concept to people. However, where people have intention to 'buy'- then selling becomes a breeze. Where the workforce has high safety awareness they willingly 'buy' into safety practices.

This lady is able to make people want to buy her product. Her focus is on the benefits of drinking good quality water free of chlorine and mirco organisms. Chlorine kills micro organisms but when heated turns into carcinogenic compound. We washed our vegetables,...etc to clean them. She demonstrated with cabbage leaves and rice grains how they soaked up chlorine compound. Thus, by cleaning our food, we end up consuming chlorine.

Not sure which is worst. But likely I rather have tummy upset than develop cancer. Luckily in recent months I took to drinking unboiled water. This is mainly due to my faith S'pore high water quality standard and my believe in conservation of energy (every effort counts).

She also show us that some brands of mineral water is in fact distill water as there is no mineral content in them.

A water filtration unit would remove chlorine and micro organisms from our tap water, without affecting the mineral content. The side benefit is the water taste better (without chlorine and other contaminant).

The unit is compact and aesthetically design. Easy to set up and consume little electrical power. Think this is another key selling point.

Even though she is selling a product, she is helping people to improve their health through education at the same time. If I were ever to be in a sales line (which is not my cup of tea), I would like to sell a 'meaningful' product like this. It gives a sense of satisfaction.

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