Saturday, November 7, 2009

Is The Government Always Right ?

We are familiar with the phrase 'Customer is always right'. Perhaps in our local context, our politicians are trying to have us believe that 'The government is always right'. Are they ? We know that customer is never always right, it is just a 'make belief' that is being drummed into sales folks.

My point is directed at the recent decision of S'pore not being part of the global signatory to reduce carbon emission. We are told that due to the 'small size' of our industries, our emission is negligible. I find it difficult to believe. Some years back, we were one of the signatories to reduce ozone emissions. Our industrial activities, population growth and even vehicles have increase substantially since then. Apparently we could make a difference years back in the ozone reduction, but now our impact has become negligible because of the size of our nation.

USA used to 'shy' away from anything to do with carbon emission reduction issues because of the impact it will have on their industries and economy. Large country with great impact is not signing, small country claims it has negligible impact....sigh !

One of my students from China said that if everyone in the whole population in China is to spit on Singapore, their saliva would 'drown' us. She was upset by her classmates passing 'nasty' remarks on her - discrimination, another topic to ponder over.

Never underestimate the tidal wave of change that could be generated by the cumulative effect of individual's contribution. Every little individual effort does matter.

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