Thursday, November 20, 2014

Political Busking By MIW should be regulated !

The article by The S'pore Beacon on 'Political Busking should be regulated' is so ironical. The party that is most guilty of the so call 'political busking' is MIW themselves!  So what the writer implies is that when MIW busked away at every opportunity at all those public community events is ok. Only NGOs and non-MIW folks must be regulated.

There is already enough control and regulations to drown us. So much so that even the regulating authorities are not sure of their own policies. Nothing is sufficient for MIW and their supporters as they are so confined with their rigid thinking that ideas not in line with theirs are viewed negatively.

If according to the writer : At the very least, they must declare their source of donations, the purpose and the spending breakdown. Then should not all our governing politicians declare and make transparent their assets and financial status before taking office?  There is so much non-transparency on how MIW operates and their supporters have the cheek to ask for transparency. Please lah - get your 'masters' to lead by example and do so first before opening your big mouth. We are currently a 1st world country running on 3rd world opaque system, putting S'pore to shame!

The recent Aljunied Town Council case in a good example of how the pot starts calling the kettle black and it turns out the pot is blacker than the kettle.  Then there was the previous AIM saga. All dirty linings exposed because MIW is ever so keen to smear others and it backfire on them.  They should spend more time cleaning up their own house first. If not the last laugh will be on MIW.