Saturday, March 28, 2015

LKY worship has reached fever pitch

Looks like LKY worship has reached fever pitch both locally and in some of our neighboring countries.

Locally we have forced mourning 24/7 by local media stations boarding casting day and night the same few documentations of dictated version of S'pore history related to LKY.  Then skate parks are cordoned off, concerts and events cancelled  ..... basically life has to stand still as our 'great' leader is gone.

We have folks fainting due to queuing for 8 hours or more to pay tribute to LKY.  Folks are flocking to all the designated areas to sign the condolence books.  Likely we will beat world record for the most number of people queuing up at the same time at different locations for the longest hours.

Then we have people petitioning to change the name of our airport to LKY's name.  Another petition to build a statue of him. Actually we already have waxed figures of Mr and Mrs Lee.  So not sure what the intention is - to replace Sir Stamford Raffles statue ? Folks are calling LKY founder of S'pore, though our current history has it as Sir Stamford Raffles.  So change history and change statue ?  What else do we need to change before the LKY fever pitch cool down ?

A creative medicorp artist suggested to print $100 notes with LKY's portrait on it. Those ministers, MP, grassroot and anyone who go on air to pay tribute to LKY tried to outdo each other. So we learned that we have to be grateful to LKY for our food, toilet, trees.....basically everything single thing around us has his footprint on it.

If a minister has his way, we will be flying our national flag on his burial day.  Oh - there is also petition for our gambling dens casinos to be closed on 29 Mar. Some dedications back fire - like the LKY exercise routine and LKY bread bun.

In India, a village with folks who never even set foot in S'pore are mourning his death. Village leader appeared on TV crying.  These folks have family members working in S'pore so they are eternally grateful to LKY for letting truck loads of their sons into S'pore to make a living.  India has declared 29 Mar a mourning day.

In China, villagers are flocking to LKY's ancestral home in Guangdong built by his grandpa to pray to his portrait.  They intend to spend $8.8M to turn it into a tourist attraction spot though LKY never lived there at all.

I have my own humble suggestion. Why not name the next new housing estate after LKY?  It will come with LKY Street, Avenue, Lane, Expressway. So many things will be named after him once we have a HDB estate in his name ...LKY Town Council, Committee Center, Malls, Markets, Schools, Parks, ...... His name will be all over - everyone so happy, no need to write petition after petition.

Should not be a problem getting support as the minister in charge of this has been crying at the mentioned of his name.  Certainly he will be all for it. Then each BTO flat can be sold at out of this world price. After all, a flat in a HDB estate name after a our supreme leader and his cabinet of ministers who draw out of this world salary must be sold at such befitting price.

No need to worry about losing election, as this will be GRC ward full of MIW supporters.  If neighboring wards favor opposition, just redraw the boundary before election. It will be like killing 2 birds with one stone - $$ making and vote winning.  LKY HDB Estate can propel the maximum number of MIW candidates into parliament.  The only problem is can they build it up before the next election which is likely round the corner before LKY worship fever pitch dies down.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Who are the LKY's daft S'poreans ?

There are many good and intelligent folks who really admire and respect LKY as their supreme flawless leader.  Pity likely this is also one of the groups LKY had in mind when he called S'poreans daft.

The real problem is these folks are too trusting and read MSM mainly for their news input.  Their haven't got out of the starry eyes stage back in school where we were taught what a 'great and marvelous' LKY was.

Likely there will be another generation of starry eyes LKY worshipers going by the zealous 24-7 propaganda going on around his death.  But all idol worship has to come to an end. History is the best judge of how good a leader LKY was.  Let time decides.

The other group of daft S'pore LKY had in mind are likely honest hardworking folks who would vote for his party no matter how much they disliked him.  It is due fear as they are so brain washed that they truly believe S'pore cannot survive without MIW in power.

I was at CPF board last week.  LKY was still in ICU then.  The 2 elderly men in front were talking about him.  They were saying why all the fuss over him - praying for his recovery, so much news coverage......wasting time.... After all he had been very inactive in politics and 91 yrs in age is considered blessed considering man's average life span is 75.  They were no admirer of LKY, what they discussed I shall not repeat here.

But the irony is they will vote for MIW.  One of them was saying 'cannot vote for opposition lah - they got no money to run the country'.   I can't believe what I am hearing, there are actually elderly folks who believed tax payers' money belongs to MIW !  May be it is due to the recently WP Town Council saga where MIW hold back grant money for the ward.

This is not a good sign.  It is time for change as half a century of one party rule and hero worship of LKY is causing a lot of brain damage.  Idol and hero worship is bad for our intellect. No wonder we lack creativity juicy.  MIW has systematically brain washed S'poreans via school teaching and media propaganda into a nation of LKY worshipers for 50 years !!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

What was LKY last wish ?

It is said that LKY signed an Advanced Medical Directive that he be allowed to go with minimum suffering by not artificially prolonging his life with life supporting tubes stuck into all his orifices.  Was that his last wish?  If so it is a pity that his family did not respect it.

Or was his last wish was to be milked for all he was worth to advance his son political career?  If so then it was fulfilled to bursting limit.

The current media frenzy to give him maximum air time day and night to promote him as a flawless and perfect leader is out right ridiculous.

There are so much similarity between him, Mao of China and Kim of North Korea.  So we have all the hero worship and grieving expressed by their followers. We know for all the waxing of how great Mao and Kim were, historical facts revealed otherwise.

They were great politicians but far from great leaders.  Plenty of common major flaws - self serving and power crazy. They were ruthless and devious.  The means they used to achieve their ends matter not to them.  These men were top of the game in public perception and mind manipulation.  They were hero worship in life and in death by their brain washed followers.

Re-writing history and using mass media to get their message across were their specialty.  One of their dirty tricks was to target young children as they were easy to manipulate and would grow up to be faithful unquestioning worshipers of them.

The only saving grace is LKY is not as terrible as these two men. But he is no where near great leaders like Mahatma Ghandi of India who citizens affectionately addressed as their father, and Sun Yet Sen who is the father of modern China. 

The word 'father' has to come from citizens from the ground and not coined by your own political party and using media propaganda to drum into us !!  LKY is the founding PM of S'pore but he is not our founding 'father'.  His achievement and character do not put him on the league of truly great men like Ghandi and Sun. To call LKY 'father' is to belittle and an insult to these great men.

Suffering from LKY fatigue

When LKY was alive, he controlled the media.  Even in his death, the media is still under his clutches.  Being bombarded day and night by his images on all local channels is nerve wreaking.

The week before his dismissal, we had plenty of air time during the news about him.  So much hero worship speeches by his followers.  Now, day in day out all the local MSM are glorifying him almost to the status of  'God'.

Imagine all the local TV channels keep re-running the same few movies like Batman, Superman, Spiderman... no matter how much we love heroes and how entertaining the movies are, it become really tiresome to watch.

May he rest in peace.  May we have our peace too.  Let our eyes and ears rest from the constant bombardment of him.  

Friday, March 13, 2015

CPF Minimum Sum scraped BUT Maximum Limit RETAINS

Likely we are taken for a ride again.  Before those folks turning 55 rejoice about not needing to top up their CPF Medisave a/c to meet its Minimum Sum in order to withdraw their money - READ the reports carefully.

They only scrapped the Medisave Minimum sum BUT the CPF Medisave Maximum Ceiling is retained (it is renamed BHS -Basic Healthcare Sum) .  Minimum is LESS than maximum so it is another round of confusing the public with all the renaming and changes.

In 2013 the Medisave minimum sum was 40.5K vs 45.5K for the maximum ceiling limit (BHS)
In 2014 the Medisave minimum sum was 43.5K vs 48.5K for the maximum ceiling limit (BHS)

It is obvious that the maximum sum is more than the minimum sum by  5K. Besides, they said no need to top up at 55, but it is unclear what happens when one reach 65, as the BHS still applies for the cohort.  In Jan 2016, the BHS is 49.8K as announced by CPF.

The only real change is that once we hit 65, the BHS will remains at that prevailing limit and not shoot up year after year.  However, before we reach 65, the BHS is still subjected to yearly adjustment !

Most of the changes this year has been cosmetic, just like this Bull sHit Stuff BHS thingy.

Of course they can afford to scrap the minimum sum as they retains the maximum one (BHS). Is this a sick joke or what ?  Besides, when Medishield Life kicks in to replace the current medishield, they are going to legalize accessing our bank a/c to deduct any outstanding premium for those who do not pay up.  There is no need to have minimum amount in medisave for the premium deduction as they can now access our bank a/c to do it forcefully.

Could it mean they will be looking into forcefully accessing our bank a/c to ensure we meet BHS when we turn 65 ?  It matters not to them our daily needs, what is more important is that our money flow into CPF one way or another.

What is even more misleading is the official and MSM reporting. They made it sound as if our medisave a/c is filled with money.  They said "Any amount in excess of this (BHS) will be transfer to Retirement and Special account ..."  Notice they talked about excess but not what happen if there is shortfall. So what happen if there is shortfall ? Only God Govt knows!

CPF is full of CRAP.  It gets more and more complicated each year. Perhaps that is their intention, as it is a web of sticky confusion that is not meant to help us. Majority are trapped when negotiating the maze of terms and unending changes.