Sunday, November 15, 2009

On chatting and walking

I always thought how nice to take a walk with your dog. Perhaps because I don't have one, that is why I 'envy' those who walk with their dog. Well, the field is always greener on the other side, isn't it ?

Apparently some dog owners may not have time or find it a chore to walk their dogs, because to see maid walking the dog is pretty common nowadays.

Often, the dog is not 'walk' but stand around while the maid chat away on her mobile phone. Or we can see two maids chatting merrily together while their dogs hang around looking 'bored'. Or could it be a look of 'disappointment' ? Oh, yes - animals can feel bored, though perhaps it is my imagination that they look disappointed.

I wonder could not the maids walk the dog and chat at the same time. I am sure they can multi task. Why must they stand around or be seated at a bench to do the talking ?

Perhaps the maids are over work ? Thus they are saving their energy as they still have tons of household chores to do after walking the dogs.

I suppose I will never know why. All I know is - those poor doggies are deprived of their daily walk.

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