Sunday, February 15, 2015

Public turn-off by PAP antics in Parliament

PAP ministers and MPs should examine themselves in the mirror to get a clear image on how hypocritical and self-righteous they looked when they bombarded WP on their lapses in Town Council management.

They would do well to clean up their own houses and acts before they start accusing the other party of non-transparency, evasive behavior ...etc.  Did not PAP hide behind a thick steel wall which even Superman's x-ray eyes cannot penetrate when it comes questions on the health and status of our national reserve, GIC, Temasek, and CPF ? The list of sensitive and 'OB marker' questions is getting pretty lengthy.

It is one thing to highlight lapses but going into attack mode into WP integrity and even assassinating individual WP's members character to score political points are a real turn-off which the public finds hard to stomach. If such strong negative words are used on any one of these PAP folks who are notorious for their sensitive skin, - they will sue your pants off.  Such uneven balanced of power arouse public indignant and anger at PAP bullying tactics.

It makes us puke to see our Ministers and MPs stooping so low and being so dumb to think we will buy into their 'lengthy' speech which sound like a defective broken record. The same accusations are repeated over and over again by different PAP maroons members trying to out do each other with stronger and more insulting choice of words.

One of our elite ministers did not even get his facts correct regarding maintenance charges but still insisted with confident that he is right, though the mistake was pointed out to him.  He did not even have the integrity to own up to the mistake at the next day parliamentary session that he had made a devious 'honest' misled mistake. Perhaps we have always been given wrong data in other parliamentary sessions which went unchallenged as no one noticed it.

Only out of touch block heads do not understand why the public sympathize with WP when PAP took them to task for their lapses.  We do not condone wrong doings, but we also cannot stand when the pot calls the kettle blackPAP should wash, clean and polish their pot till it shines first. After all they claimed to be the 'A' Team and pay themselves handsomely to keep themselves from being corrupt.

So lead by example by being transparent, out front and avoid any conflict of interest :

- Members of parliament should not take on directorship in any private companies.

- PM wife should not even set foot in Temasek.

- PM and his key ministers should not have their thumb prints and footprints all over GIC

- Come clean and answer all public queries on our national reserve, GIC, Temasek, CPF, the base cost of HDB construction.....and the whole lengthy list of 'OB markers' questions we have for years which are never unanswered directly.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Govt Assumption and Citizens Speculation

Minister Khaw gave some rather strange excuses for the mistake of awarding the tender to a private company to build a temple/columbarium in Sengkang. He said govt staff  assumed the company is a religious organisation and also that govt procedure has not caught up with times.  Then he tried to justify the govt  assumption with a lame reason based on the story of Butterfly Lovers.

The internet is having a field day laughing at his absurdity.  How can our govt award a multi-million tender without doing due diligent? Besides, that company's name ends with a PTE LTD and is a listed company with their company data easily available, as any one can goggle it.  This is very serious as not only we have human error (unforgivable) but also loop holes in the tendering procedure!

We need accountability from Head of Depts / Ministry.  Please do not push the blame again to low ranking staff like in the terrorist, Mas Selamat escape case.

What makes the issue more amusing is that we have MPs and Ministers actively defending the decision before this.  So why the sudden U-turn?

Perhaps they wish to avoid another AIM saga, where Town Council project was awarded to a dubious company with $2 paid up capital with no relevant experience and headed by former PAP men. PM Lee had to form a committee to look into it due to all the dirt being dug up.  Nothing came out of it as everything was found to be in order, though folks on the ground had different opinions.  Besides, the committee was not independent as it was headed by the concerned ministry. That did not go down well with the public.

Citizens are also speculating could the mistaken assumption this time be contributed by former PM Goh's son being on the board of director of the parent company?  He was appointed in 2011  according to internet source (S'pore Notes blog site). Perhaps govt officials thought with such 'powerful' link, everything must be in order.  Maybe the assumption in Singlish is : No need to check lah. Must trust, if not no respect, how can.

Then the timing of Mr Goh sudden spiteful outburst saying S'pore becoming a garbage city without foreign workers, after PM Lee chided S'poreans for not cleaning up after the event at Garden by the Bay which had many foreigners taking part too.  Mr Goh has said a lot of loony things in recent years, but he is not a spiteful person, unlike LKY and son who are known for their spitefulness.

Could this be diverted anger? There could be pend up frustration with citizens making so much 'noise'. 

He went on to say "monkey sees, monkeys do"  - not sure if he is giving the excuse that foreigners do like wise because they see S'poreans doing so.

Actually "monkey sees, monkeys do" would be more appropriate when apply to MPs and Ministers as they come up one after another to defend this tender award.  It is the same when they started bad mouthing blogger Roy during the 'heckling' saga at Hong Lim Park. So looks like MIW are the real monkeys.

In China 'kwan si' is opened secret in business dealing. Here it is more subtle but likely the forces are still at play.  We all know that MPs and Ministers are very popular with private companies and are invited to be on their board of directors, even though there are obvious conflict of interest and many first world countries do not allow such practices.  The reason is as crystal clear.  With the right connection things get moving. Remember how the FT with fake degree who cheated a rich widow through the lusting lasting power of attorney managed obtained his PR because he has the right connection?

It is perfectly the norm in S'pore to have our MPs and Ministers, each taking up numerous directorship in various private companies.  Leading the way is PM  and his key ministers all having involvement in GIC board of directors.  It all started off with LKY himself years ago. As LKY is considered to be the 'supreme' leader, since he can do it, there is no stopping the rest of the gang from taking part in this enriching side line.  PM sees no conflict of interest with his wife heading Temasek, though it is so glaring it is blinding us.