Sunday, November 22, 2009

Mother Of All Hubs - Part 2

Just learn that S'pore has added two more hubs to its 'portfolio' :

1) Accountancy Hub (as reported in the papers this week)

2) Water Hub (from my visit to PUB's NEWater plant organised by SIM)

Accountancy Hub - should not this be under Financial Hub ? Perhaps 'parking' it under accountancy is just to add to the number of hubs under our portfolio ?

As for Water Hub, my first though is how could it be, since our water resource is not even self sustaining for our population. The honor of this hub status is based on our water reclamation technology, which we are now the consultant for other countries.

When we think of NEWater, we think of Hyflux founder and CEO, Ms Olivia Lum. Her life story is a motivation one. It is about hard work, self motivation and entrepreneurial spirit.

During the PUB visit, it was highlighted to us that Marina Barage is our 15th reservoir and there are 2 more in the pipeline making it a total of 17 freshwater catchment area in S'pore.

Marina Barage is another milestone for S'pore as we are one of the very few countries and certainly the 1st in Asia to build a reservoir in the city. It is a challenge as water drainage from the city is high in pollutant content.

S'pore being the Mother of so many Hubs, perhaps Water Hub should be our most outstanding achievement. A country lacking in natural water resources even to sustain its population, and now we are helping other countries with their water management.

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