Friday, April 11, 2014

Most Unpopular - CPF, HDB or SMRT ??

If a poll is done on which is S'poreans most unpopular organisation, which will rank number 1 - CPF, HDB or SMRT ?  CPF and HDB are notorious for their chameleon and complicated policies that are a burden to us.

CPF has iron grip over our money which we have no control over. They dictates how much we need to put in, when we can draw out and how much we can draw out......the list can go on and on.

HDB is well know for their run away housing prices which gallop faster than race horses.

SMRT is infamous for their unreliable and overcrowded trains which breakdown no longer surprises us since it happens so often.

These hese organisations have common problems :

-  complicated and confusing policies which are often flawed and disadvantaged us 
- diverted focus and ineffective execution of policies

Notching up the unpopular rank could well be MOM, ICA, MHA and NEA.