Sunday, August 24, 2014

PM Lee - leader of Low Productivity

No wonder our productivity is sliding and govt faces uphill challenge to boost it. PM Lee as leader is setting a bad example.  He probably does not even realise it and think he is pretty 'smart' by creating a new dept to liaise with other govt depts and agencies.  I am referring to the case of clearing of debris & rubbish from the narrow stretch of footpath, mentioned in his boring National Day Rally speech.

Currently there are 3 agencies involved - one handles the footpath, another the greenery to the left of it and the 3rd in charge of the grass verge to the right of it. So messy due to the bulky bureaucracy until no one seems to know who is in charge of what and 'taiji' becomes the way of life.

Any layman can see how ridiculous and unproductive it is. Instead of going to the root cause, which is due to the bulky bureaucracy, he chooses to layer it with another liaison dept. The fact that a liaison dept is needed indicates the system needs simplifying. 

Just look at his cabinet set up overloaded with overpay MPs and ministers.  Do we need so many of them ? They work only part time and spend the rest of their time, each holding directorship in many private companies. This is a glaring example of unproductivity.  Such bad practice of heavy bureaucracy trickles down from his cabinet to the rest of ministries.

PM Lee paths the way to low productivity by leading it. 

CPF rally on 23/8 at Hong Lim Park

The 3rd CPF rally was held at Hong Lim Park on Sat, 23 Aug. The crowd size was smaller than the previous.  The first 2 rallies had stronger speakers and were more informative.

The recent one had some new faces but unfortunately also weak speech content. Only Mr Leong, Ms Han and Roy were able to hold the audience attention.  Ms Han delivery has improved with each rally. There was more control of voice and slower speech delivery. She is one crowd drawer as she spoke in English, Mandarin and Hokkien - typical S'porean style.

Mr Leong with his humour and statistics make simple, is one speaker I always look forward to hearing. He spoke on the lease buy back scheme which now extends to 4 room-flat. It only means govt skimming off more money from the needy elderly, in the pretext of helping them.  Pretty typical of most, if not all PAP schemes.

Posters with the words -  "They suck you dry and then suck until you die. This is what they call subsidize" - sadly summarize PAP money grabbing policies pretty well.

The 2nd speaker articulation was not clear. The worst part  was he spent the last 10 mins speaking about his God.  Good grief !

The next speaker, a lady - tried to list out all PAP flaw policies. She took up too much time because there are so many of them.  It is rather boring as we are already familiar with our govt ridiculous policies. What she could have done is to highlight one or two and give us real life examples of how they have negatively impacted her. 

The next CPF rally is on 27 Sep.  Hope they could get strong speakers with good content and analysis of the current policies.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

We want right Policies NOT right Politics

There goes PM again, he said they need to get their politics right.  To hear that is scary for us ordinary citizens. Right politics only means they want to remain in power at all cost.

How to get the policies right if protection of party's interest is top priority ? 

Then he goes on to say we must share in order to have a first class transport. Is there a transport fare hike soon?

What makes him think just because the govt is bailing out SBS and SMRT, we will have a 1st class transport ?  Looks like they make the mistake to privatize them. Didn't they just spend millions of tax payers' money to help them get new buses recently. So it didn't work ? Now they have to pour in even more money at tax payers' expense.

Reminded  me of the TV program The Noose. One of the funny parts which we can connect with is :-

A Noose report interviewed a mother with school going children. She said that her child used to wait 20 mins for the bus and it took another 20 mins bus journey to reach school. But with the improved service - the bus came every other min but her child took 1 hour to reach school due to the worsening traffic congestion.

Does PM realised that HDB heartlands are experiencing heavy traffic congestion which used to be in city areas only?

Talking Point on CPF - a waste of time

This week Talking Point over at CNA discussed the current hot topic of CPF.  Watching it is a waste of time. The selected speakers all agreed that the current CPF interest rate is good and reasonable as CPF is risk free.  Makes one wonder if this is a brain washing session or a talking cock session.

If our neighbour Malaysia can give so much higher return and their fund is not even among the top 10 large funds. GIC and Temasek are in the top 10 list.

Even for those who meet the minimum sum requirement in their retirement account when they reached 55, the amount of payout in CPF Life when they are 65 is around $1,200. With inflation, will this amount be sufficient in 20 years time? Worse if you have homemaker wife, elderly parents or children still needing your support. That is why they keep telling us not to retire and work and work.

This is clear evident CPF has failed big time.  It is suppose to see us through retirement, and now we cannot retire as money is not enough.

One of the speakers, a Prof from NTU Economic Division is telling us that silly story again that if they let us withdraw it a 55, folks will spend it at one go and become tax payers' burden.  Please lah, this story don't work anymore. Where is the statistic to show there are so many foolish people in S'pore. No wonder our education system cannot product talent and we have to import them by tonnage from overseas. This is that kind of lecturer we have in our institute of higher learning.  He cannot even articulate and express himself well.

One of the suggestions made during the discuss is to have different rate of return for different risk CPF members are willing to take.  As it is, CPF policies are so messy and complicated already, we should simplify it and not make it messier by creating more accounts.

The very fact that it has gotten so complicated suggest it is not working and they keep trying to patch it up.  So we have :
1) ordinary a/c
2) medisave a/c (medishield, eldershield and coming medishield life link to it)
3) special a/c
4) retirement a/c (CPF life link to it)

So how many more a/c, shield or life we need to create before we can finally retire ?

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

How much compensation to give PM

If PM is looking to 'deep fried' Roy, no amount of compensation will make him happy. After all, through slip of the tongue, we know he will spend time 'fixing' those who oppose him.

Besides, for one earning millions and whose personal asset are likely in the range of 8 to 9 figures, his concept of money is different from us ordinary citizen. Born with a silver spoon in his month and never suffer financial hardship before, a 4-figure sum is definitely small change, peanuts and even derisory to him.

We feel ashamed to have such a thin skin, petty and big ergo leader. Wonder if we have break the genuine book of record for the number of law suits filed by the same family/political party.

Which public figure is not subjected to criticisms ? Even Saint Teresa and Mahatma Gandhi whom people affectionately called 'Mother' and 'Father' respectively, were not spared hard accusations. These great figures never turn vindictive. Gandhi even died blessing his assassin. Perhaps should not have compared him with such great personality, as he is no where near their league.

There is a Chinese saying 'No wind, no tide'.  If PM does not like the rising tide, then don't create the wind in the first place.  Yes, the irony is the wind is self-created by having himself and family members/political party in key positions in all our major financial institutions. Why the insistence of opacity in these institutions and our national reserve management ?  Why keep building brick walls between citizens' access to their own CPF money ?

It is not that we do not understand CPF policies.  In fact, people are getting to understand them too well in recent years.  Policies flaws cannot be explained away, they need to be rectified. Neither will law suit disperse citizens' questions.