Friday, April 11, 2014

Most Unpopular - CPF, HDB or SMRT ??

If a poll is done on which is S'poreans most unpopular organisation, which will rank number 1 - CPF, HDB or SMRT ?  CPF and HDB are notorious for their chameleon and complicated policies that are a burden to us.

CPF has iron grip over our money which we have no control over. They dictates how much we need to put in, when we can draw out and how much we can draw out......the list can go on and on.

HDB is well know for their run away housing prices which gallop faster than race horses.

SMRT is infamous for their unreliable and overcrowded trains which breakdown no longer surprises us since it happens so often.

These hese organisations have common problems :

-  complicated and confusing policies which are often flawed and disadvantaged us 
- diverted focus and ineffective execution of policies

Notching up the unpopular rank could well be MOM, ICA, MHA and NEA.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

NEA sticking to its confusing PSI reporting method

Last year when we were badly hit by the haze, it was
crystal clear that our govt and NEA were not adequately
prepared, thought the haze has been returning without
failed annually for decades.

There has been many feedback on NEA complicated way of
PSI reporting which only confuses the public. It is
also not useful as it is based on past historical 3 hrs
and 24 hrs average, depending on which particle size
(PM10 and PM2.5)is used as reference. 
What the public wants is spot reporting base on PM2.5
levels as these particles could be inhaled into the
lungs and are known to be hazardous to our health. 
When the weather is fine, no one gives much attention
to the PSI reading. However once the haze hits us, all
eyes will be on the PSI reporting. 
Playing down the haze issue is not in the interest of
public health, as those PM2.5 which can be inhaled into
the lungs are known to be carcinogenic. From last year
observation, the PM2.5 readings were normally higher
the PM10. NEA average down the PM2.5 using 24 hrs,
while PM10 with 3 hrs.
Looks like NEA has not improved its complicated and
confusing PSI reporting method after all the public
feedback. Is NEA and the govt trying to give the
public a false sense of safety with their past
historical data average down to a smaller number?

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Haze vs Warships

The number of hot spots in Indonesia are in the region of 200 to 400.  The yearly haze will be back, it is just a matter of time that the wind will blow our way.  How bad it will be depends on the political will of Indonesia and her affected neighbours.  Most of the time from past experience it is more noise from all sides than concrete action.

So is our nation lungs more important or nation pride ? When the haze hit us, more than 5 million lungs are at stake. Not forgetting that of tourists which number more than 1 million per month, plus all the fauna and flora on this little red dot, I would think our govt should give more priority to the haze issue now before it hit us.  Making noise after we are hit is too little too late.

Yes, our pride is bruised by our neighbour insensitivity in naming their warships. But then LKY placed flowers on the terrorists grave.  At least the Japanese political leaders pay respect to their own citizens whom commit war crimes. But here we have our own political leader paying respect to terrorists from other country who killed our citizens. So what to make of it ?

Besides, our PAP leaders love to say "let's move on" when they make mistakes.  What are they going to do now ? Force Indonesia into a corner with economical sanction ?  If they want to do such thing, I rather they implement it because of the haze to save all our lungs. 

S'pore would be viewed as a 'hero' as we save not only our lungs but that of other affected countries, plus those lungs belonging to ordinary citizens in Indonesia.  Take tough action where it matters and have the grace to accept apology.  Make the right political move to benefit the citizens.

Bruise pride does not kill us, but those minute haze particles which could be inhaled can cause cancer. And we have been inhaling it for decades due to our incompetent govt.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Indonesia naming of their war ships

This whole incident just show that diplomatic relationship is better than all the billions of dollar PAP spent buying the latest war 'toys'. Indonesia don't give a shit to all those planes, submarine.....etc our govt bought. These super expensive war 'toys' are just show off pieces with no deterrent power.

Diplomatic relationship is less costly and more effective. But our arrogant govt is very poor at it. When they open their mouth - eg LKY and the current batch of paper generals - they only know how to insult our neighbours. PAP high and mighty attitude is a disservice to our nation.

Our govt under PAP is only good at bullying her own citizens. Their are just meek sheep when confronted by our neighbours. Look at the haze incident and you get the picture of how much weight their words have on our neighbour, Indonesia. 

Friday, January 17, 2014

Healthcare Crunch is exploding in our face

The current hospital bed crunch could be just the tip of the ice berg we are seeing.  After all, most of us know that besides shortage of hospital beds, our healthcare professional to patient ratio looks bad. Upon diagnosis at polyclinic of needing specialist attention, the appointment date for specialists consultation is getting longer and longer these few years. From average of 3 months to 6 months. Now it has been reported that it could be as long as 9 to 12 months. Even if one has an appointment to see a specialist, the waiting time at the clinic/hospital is about 2 to 3 hours or even longer.

At SNEC (Singapore National Eye Center) seems like their consultation appointment is also getting more and more elastic. I am a glaucoma patient and I have noticed that my check up interval have been getting longer and longer...from 3 months to 4 months, 6 months.   Now, it is more than a year!

Routine yearly check up is meant for those without eye disease, whereas patients with chronic eye diseases need to be monitored more closely for deterioration of vision which can lead to blindness. Thus, how can it be acceptable that SNEC patients' appointment be longer than 12 months interval.

I have just received a notice from SNEC to rescheduled my consultation on in Feb to Jul 14. The reason given is "Doctor On Leave" As my last consultation was on 13/6/13, it is more than 1 year interval between check-up!

My appointment had been rescheduled before, but the new appointment was about a month later. This time it is 5 months lapse! Is there such an acute shortage of doctors at SNEC that the existing ones cannot even cover for their colleague on leave ? Besides, it also seems to imply that the doctor on leave needs months to clear the backlog of patients. This is very worrying for a patient as it means SNEC is sacrificing healthcare quality service of patients due to manpower problem.

As far as I know, I don't have a any specialist assigned to me, as I have been seen by at least 5 ophthalmologists from 2011 to 2013. Thus, I find it unacceptable that SNEC postpone my consultation for 5 months resulting in more than a 1 year lapse between checkup.

The current term hospital bed crunch does not accurately reflects the dire situation on the ground.  We are having a Healthcare Crunch, where by all levels of patients care are affected. Besides hospital infrastructure and patient overload, there is a shortage of healthcare professional.

This poor planning reminds us of housing crunch recently, which is followed by a series of major MRT breakdown due to years of overloading.  Compare to housing and transport, healthcare is a more serious problem exploding in our face.  Is it acceptable that our so called 'A' team political party who are paid so handsomely be sleeping at their job ?