Tuesday, September 30, 2014

NGOs, Religious org, civil service.....should not be hijacked

The recent unpleasant incident at Hong Lim Park reminds us of AWARE (an NGO) being hijacked by a religious group in 2009, with the purpose of promoting their religious agenda.  It is suspected that YMCA could be hijacked by political activists/grass root leaders to smear other activists. Likely NParks could be in the hijack picture too.

Though civil service should be 'neutral' when implementing policies and going about their routine work, we know that in all likelihood, they are not.  Directly or indirectly their hands are 'tied' by the political party dominating the parliament.

It is the same with PA and the community centers, PAP influence is obvious as daylight.

Politics and religion are powerful catalyst and it is best that they are not mixed with groups doing social work and serving the public.

NGOs and religious organisations should be alert and cautious as active volunteers could be harboring selfish and ill intend(eg. like notorious Yang Yin who volunteer himself eagerly at grass root to fulfill his greedy motive.) 

As for MIW, their grassroot supporters and IB team may be at the base of the hierarchy, but we still expect some credibility from them since they are in service of their masters - who claimed that they are the best, A team and thus 'deserve' to pay themselves obscene salary. They love to paint themselves as whiter than white while smearing blackening opponents.

To our utter horror and disappointment, most of them seems to lack intellectual ability and have poor command of English.  Look at their supporters and IB guys at work making noise in the internet, you will get the picture.  Many of them cannot even provide a weak rebuttal, but just spill obscenity and 4-letter words. Not only is MIW salary obscene, the language of their supporters and IB team is equally obscene and foul.

Perhaps it is another telling sign that those who paid themselves enormous salary are likely self serving rather than public serving. The joke has been that we pay peanuts we get monkeys, pay a ransom and we still get monkeys. Likely we get 'white' gorillas instead. Though an mutated ape, they are more deadly with their brute strength and capable of playing dirty. Maybe it is better to have monkeys as when they play dirty, at least it is less damaging.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Hong Lim Park Incident - NParks mess up or.?

When I read the Sunday Times report on Hong Lim Park incident, it was not surprising that Roy and Han were painted blacker than black. Next we have PAP ministers/MPs pouring more black paint onto the picture.

It is clear that either NParks is so dumb to give approval to 2 events which need loud speakers to reach out to audience or there is some dirty political scheming behind the scene. Are NPark officers all lacking in common sense to let 2 events held concurrently at the same time in close proximity to each other?  Did they mess up on purpose?

Sat CPF rally is the 4th to-date. The organiser has always announced the date/time of the next rally one month ahead.  So is MSM trying to make us believe that CPF rally intentionally crash with YMCA event?  They highlighted the approval date of NParks letter to YMCA which was weeks before that of CPF rally.

With the govt wide net work of IB busy at work, how can they pretend not to know the date/time of the CPF rally. It was publicized in a few internet websites well in advance.

If there is really some scheming behind the whole incident, then it is indeed despicable that innocent children were used as pawn for the selfish motive of politician(s) in power. So the hypocrite minister claimed to care for the welfare of these kids. Could it be that he is milking these special need children for all they are worth for public sympathy to turn against Roy and Han instead?

To get to the truth of the matter,  watch the video clip on the event. Then judge how accurate is MSM report.  How to trust MSM when they do not report with conscience but to their 'master' wimp and fancy.  Reading the local MSM reminds one of North Korean, where the press is basically the propaganda machine of the govt.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Reading the 'Right' stuff is NOT Safe

How to trust the govt when they are only interested that we read the 'right' stuff regardless of our well being and safety. I am referring to the official PSI reading put up by them.

For years, before 1st April 14, they have been giving us PSI data base on PM10 (particular size) and leaving out PM2.5 in their compilation. PM2.5 are more hazardous as they can be inhaled into the lungs and could be carcinogenic (cancer causing).  In the context of S'pore, the haze from Indonesia has always resulted in much higher PM2.5 reading compare to PM10.

It is after much constructive 'noise' from enlightened public during last year when we were hit with the worst haze ever, that they finally incorporate PM2.5 reading into their PSI reporting effective 1st April this year.
From such official data they chose to provide the public with, it is clear that our health is the last thing on the govt mind. They only want the data to look 'good'. 

Another public feedback is their useless past historical data based on 3 and 24 hours averaging.  They are still sticking to such reporting. The govt is directly compromising public safety and health as no one will be taking precaution when they are hit with unhealthy/hazardous level of haze.  After the concern period is over (likely 1 to 2 hours later), then the official reading will show we had been hit, isn't that too late ?  Besides, the reading will be much lower, when the spot reading could have been 50 to 100% higher.

We have a Minister who is a doctor heading NEA. Surely he is well verse with health and safety issues.  It is sad that a professional doctor turned politician puts reading the 'right' stuff as priority over public health.

Tampines becoming PAP losers refuge

It was reported PAP Desmond Choo will be moved to Tampines. Perhaps they are preparing him to replace another formal loser Mah B T, who was also dumped to Tampines after losing his ward. Looks like Tampines is becoming the refuge for PAP losers.  

May be Mah will be retiring from politics for good in the coming election in 2016 ?  So likely Mah will be landing a big fat post in some Govt link enterprise, as this seems to be the trend with most formal PAP ministers/MPs.

Monday, September 22, 2014

PSI - Real Time and NOT Average Past Historical Data

Our government is hard of hearing. We the public have been telling them we want real time PSI reading and not be fed with useless average past 3 and 24 hours historical data.  Likely the only real reason they insist on giving us average past data is to make the reading look 'good'.

It is against logic and safety practices to give us past data which would not help us to make decision whether to carry on with our activities or remind indoors. PSI reading is similar to weather forecast. We want to know what is the current weather outlook and what is the forecast for the next few days. Since they do not give us historical report base on the past 3 days weather, why do they  insist on giving us historical data for PSI?

Take last Sun (21 Sep) for example.  It was reported that "The 3-hour PSI readings hovered in the moderate range through most of the day but crept up slowly from noon and broke into the unhealthy band of 116 at 8pm. At 9pm, it stood at 129."

If we were given real time data, likely the PSI spot reading would be much higher than 129 (which was based on 3 hr average). The time when we were hit with the strong haze would likely be around 6 to 7 pm and not 8 to 9 pm.

My nephew was having his Taekwando outdoor practice with his Sun class from 5.30-7pm. The instructor did not cancel the class because according to NEA report, the PSI reading was below 100psi which was suppose to be moderate during that period. The whole group of youngest were exposed to unhealthy level of haze due to the useless outdated PSI official reading.

How can construction companies make decision when to stop work when the official govt PSI reading is based on past average data ? Outdoor workers would have been exposed to hazardous haze level since the PSI reading is not real time.

For our own safety, do not rely on govt official PSI reporting.  Check out the real time data on this website instead: http://aqicn.org/city/singapore/east/ 

Don't read the 'right' stuff determine by the govt, as their data makes a lousy reference. The irony is that the govt is getting S'pore to be a 'smart' city. Yet they are so dumb to think they can fool us with such unreliable information.