Thursday, November 20, 2014

Political Busking By MIW should be regulated !

The article by The S'pore Beacon on 'Political Busking should be regulated' is so ironical. The party that is most guilty of the so call 'political busking' is MIW themselves!  So what the writer implies is that when MIW busked away at every opportunity at all those public community events is ok. Only NGOs and non-MIW folks must be regulated.

There is already enough control and regulations to drown us. So much so that even the regulating authorities are not sure of their own policies. Nothing is sufficient for MIW and their supporters as they are so confined with their rigid thinking that ideas not in line with theirs are viewed negatively.

If according to the writer : At the very least, they must declare their source of donations, the purpose and the spending breakdown. Then should not all our governing politicians declare and make transparent their assets and financial status before taking office?  There is so much non-transparency on how MIW operates and their supporters have the cheek to ask for transparency. Please lah - get your 'masters' to lead by example and do so first before opening your big mouth. We are currently a 1st world country running on 3rd world opaque system, putting S'pore to shame!

The recent Aljunied Town Council case in a good example of how the pot starts calling the kettle black and it turns out the pot is blacker than the kettle.  Then there was the previous AIM saga. All dirty linings exposed because MIW is ever so keen to smear others and it backfire on them.  They should spend more time cleaning up their own house first. If not the last laugh will be on MIW.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Culling Of Pigeons in S'pore

Though I know that pigeons are culled regularly by pest control company employed by Town Council in HDB, but I have never witnessed the horrible scene before.  This morning, I saw pigeons being picked up from the ground and bagged into plastic bags.  They are still alive but weaken so much that they let themselves be picked up and thrown into plastic bags.  Birds were also falling off the ledge onto the ground.

It is so upsetting that a family passing by asked me what is happening.  I told them the birds were poisoned. They are non-locals and were shocked that our laws allow such inhuman act.

Imagine how much pain we endure when we have tummy upset. How terrible the pain will be to ingest poison and death is NOT immediate.  Here we are talking about making cruelty to animals carries a heavier penalty.  On the other hand, we allow such cruel method to be used to cull pigeons which are classified as pest in S'pore.

Pigeons are just birds, but become pest in S'pore context because of our over-development and dense population living in HDB.  The poor birds become the victim of S'pore progress !

It is not the pigeons fault that their environment is heavily populated by humans. Why can't we be more tolerant and live and let live. Even if they need to be culled, can't we have more humane way of doing it?  The food could be drugged to knock them unconscious. They can then be bagged and gassed with carbon dioxide so that they died while still unconscious.

We are a first world country and yet we use such cruel and inhuman method to cull birds just to save cost!  It is an irony as there is so much contradiction on interpretation of cruelty to animals. 

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Out Dated Road Traffic Act Killing Cats & Monkeys

On one hand with have law that prohibits cruelty to animals with penalty clauses of jail term and/or fine.  Then we have our traffic police telling us that under the Road Traffic Act it is perfectly fine to hit and run away if you knock down an animal as long as it is not -  ass, cattle, dog, pig, goat, horse, mule and sheep.

The police under MHA must be either very busy or very lazy.  Why is there no review and update of the Act? With the exception of dog, sighting of any other of those listed animals will be such rare occurrence that it will be news worthy. This outdated law is probably written long long time ago where S'pore used to have pig farms and bullock carts pulled by cattle. 

So it is not cruel to knock down and leave a injured cat or monkey to suffer a painful lingering death under the Road Traffic Act?  Why the inconsistency in the law which contradicts each other? 

Under the Animals and Birds Act, all mammals are covered under it (except for human and fish).  So should not the police keep up with time and update their Act?

They make it known that they will only response to those 'certain' animals cover under their outdated Act.  Such response only reflect negatively on them.  No wonder we have our serious riot in Little India. Our police force are passive and complacent and will only wake from their slumber if they are pushed.

Let us hope our pro-active NGOs will do the pushing.  Now - where is the voice of AVA?  Sigh - they are in the same operation mode as our police force - passively inactive - the less work the better.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

MIW recruiting ?

Could MIW be recruiting members in preparation for the next election? The latest guess is that MIW finally come to their senses and realised that their choice of paper army generals and high flying career elites with airy personality and turn-off character are not to general public liking.

So now they are looking for folks who can  touch base with the ground, like Mr Louis Ng of ACRES who has been a vocal animal welfare activist for decades.  It is like killing 2 birds with 1 stone.  Besides, muffling a vocal voice, they got someone whom they thought could endear them to voters, especially those with affinity to animals.

Perhaps there may be light at the end of the tunnel for our local unemployed PMETs? Could there be potential openings for them? They need not approach CDC for help to undergo retraining to prepare for downgrading to lower skills and pay jobs which are irrelevant, putting their years of experience to waste.  No need to worry about struggling with the substantially lower pay which is hard to keep up with inflation and mounting food cost to support their family. 

They could look now forward being recruited to a $16K per month part time job. This job entitles one to be absent at parliamentary session without consequence. You can sneak off too when the session gets to boring without pay cut. You can choose to speak, sleep or remain silent, the wiser option is to sleep or remain silent.

Remember NMP Mr Eugene Tan - the reason he is not reelected could be because he has been too vocal and hardworking during parliamentary session. Being awake and giving hard hitting comments are not advisable for career development with MIW.  He used to be interviewed extensively by the papers and on TV for his views. Now hardly see him anymore.  Lesson learned is to remain in MIW good book at all cost, regardless of your conscience.

To increase your chance of success, try to rub shoulders and take pictures with your Ministers and MPs.  Remember even FT with fake degree can get PR with the help of his MP.  Knowing whose shoes, apples and butt to polish goes a long way.

Our local talented PMET's degree is real - thus should be worth more and able to land a political post with MIW?  Any degree will do as there is no relevancy attached to it since eye doctor can be in-charge of drains environment and even paper generals can take on any portfolio.  There even used to be a post for those without portfolio, which sound so useless that they had the ministry renamed.

Then there will be more meat to come once you are part of MIW gang. There will be plenty of invitations to take on directorship in various private companies, never mind if there is conflict of interest. What is more important is to increase your net worth monetary, so that you will be 'respected' when you talk to big shot.

No need to worry that you may be stress out, running around to attend so many meetings in various companies, as there are so many MIWs that individual official workload is pretty light.  The trend is to beat each other to take on the most number of directorships. Make full use of your free time and make as much easy money as possible. It is perfectly all right as all your big bosses are doing it too.

The only prerequisite for this high paying job is thick skin. It is rather unpopular as you will face 'noise' and verbal arrows from alternate media.  But then, never mind if you have sensitive skin, as you can learn a trick or two from your boss how to fix dissent voices.  Besides, with so much $$ and time to spare, you can also take up law suit to cow and silent those 'arrows' you cannot block.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

ACRES founder going for "greener" pasture

Though I am not pro-PAP but there are a few of Ministers that I respect.  However in order for PAP to get my vote, there are 3 criteria of which the most important is their policies which have a direct impact on us citizens.

The 2nd criteria is how well they implement their good policies.  Well, even in a crate of rotten apples, there are a few good ones to be found.  No point having well intended policies to help citizens but mess up due to poor execution and follow-up.
The last of which is the personality and character of the candidate.  So I am not sure how Mr Louis Ng, the founder of ACRES, being roped into PAP is going to help in getting our votes.  Seems like this is their latest strategy to get people who have their feet on the ground into their party.  Maybe their realize that army personals, scholars, doctors..etc  do not go well with public taste due to their 'airy' personality.

I respect Mr Louis Ng, as he done some great work with regards to animals welfare and educating the public in respecting wild life. Few years back, his team in ACRES exposed how easily tiger parts were available in S'pore, though it is supposed to be illegal to posses them. With so lean manpower and fund, ACRES sure aced AVA and put them to shame.  Anyway it is a known fact that AVA normally tails behind non-govt organisations (NGOs) as they are reactive rather than pro-active.

Thus, I am disappointed that Mr Ng has decided to join a political party.  Though some are of the opinion, there is no conflict of interest, but personally I think there is.  Mr Ng has been very vocal about those wild dolphins held in captivity in Resort World Sentosa (RWS) to provide entertainment.  We know that without govt approval, there is no way RWS can get those dolphins into S'pore.

By joining PAP with a party whip to keep members in line, how can there be no conflict of interest ?  He will likely be told to keep dirty lining within the 'family' and not expose them for public viewing. Likely he will tone down on his belief, if there is any left after joining PAP.

Mr Ng started young in his animal activism. It has been a long 13 years of tough work against block heads in govt agencies.  So maybe he is tired and time to move on to "greener" pasture. After all being a family man now is unlike old times where only passion counts in animal welfare. Besides, the potential carrot of $16K salary a month as a MP may be hard to resist. The best part is our MP needs to work only part time to collect their salary.

I will not give my vote to Mr Ng should he be filed in my HDB estate which is under GRC.  GRC is one issue that bugs me as it is unfair and plain abuse of power of the current ruling party to tip the scale in their favour.  Isn't abuse of power a form of corruption ?

Even if Mr Ng stands in single ward, which is unlikely, he may not get the votes PAP hopes for as POLICIES do matter to us citizens as far as judging PAP is concerned. They have past records (recent ones not historical ones from their founding days) for us to judge them.  Their past glory days in the 1960s to 80s hold no meaning to me and likely other citizens.

So do their aggressive propaganda over the media base on their past historical achievement works ? Plainly NO.  They are just wasting tax payer money to glorify themselves, which I think is sickening.