Sunday, November 22, 2009

Singapore Strays

Why are our Singapore strays always being blamed for everything? During SARS period, stray cats were rounded off to be killed, though they were free from the virus. In Singapore, we human were the carriers and transmitters of the disease.

Stray cats are also often blamed for cleanliness issue which is caused by irresponsible feeders and pet owners.

Now the strays are in the spot light again, though indirectly. The caption in the Straits Times regarding the increase in the number of folks being bitten by dogs is accompanied by a photograph of a stray dog in the foreground and kids in the background. Sigh...I am sure its life is coming to an end soon, as AVA will be targeting it and other strays for termination.

Reading the article, there is no mention of strays biting human. If pet dogs are the culprits, who is responsible ? The owners of these pets.

How did stray dogs become strays in the first place ? Many were abandoned by their owners who either have no time for them or cannot handle them any more.

Are we becoming a country of 'intolerance'?

Even our homeless and dissolute instead of seeking help have to hide from the authority to avoid being rounded off. Oh yes, they exist but they have to remain 'invisible' if they wish to have their freedom. If this is how we treat our fellow human beings, what hope is there for the stray animals in Singapore ? They are just 'sore eyes' to the authority.

It has not been many years back when we folks live harmoniously with animals around us. Does development mean having a 'sterile' place devoid of humanity ?

POST NOTE : I attend SPCA meeting on 24/11/09 and confirm that the increase in biting incidents is from pet dogs. The strays are innocent.....Sigh !

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