Saturday, October 31, 2009

On Addiction, Medical Check Ups &........

The power of addiction is fearsome. It can over right logic and common sense. Let us just take the example of smoking. One of my uncle smoke his way to near death before he gave it up (he had since joined his creator some years back).

His health had been deteriorating over the years due to his habit. His doctor had warned him about it but addiction overcomes logic. It took a near death incident where he was gasping for breath before he gave up smoking.

Apparently to a smoker, the horror pictures of rotting lungs, tongue...etc have no impact. Scientific evidence relating smoking to health carries no weight either.

I have this friend who goes for 'tons' of medical examination every year - voluntary. The reason is - she wants to carry on smoking. Instead of taking preventive measure by having a healthy lifestyle, she chooses to have early detection instead.

Sometimes I wonder if some folks confuse prevention with detection. With medical advancement, there are so many medical tests available and being 'marketed' as part of healthy lifestyle. Now going for medical checkups is just like taking health supplement.

Do we really need all those health supplement if we are healthy and our diet is balance ? Do we need all those medical examinations (more tests done than necessary) if we are healthy ? Perhaps this is part of the trend and lifestyle of a developed nation.

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