Sunday, April 29, 2012

CPF schemes are NEVER well conceived.

At last someone prominent has spoken up about Eldershield plan, which is suppose to take of the medical cost should we become an invalid. Prof Phua K H said that the scheme is completely inadequate. We the ordinary folks know this insurance plan under CPF is another sucker scheme all along. But our feedback has fall on deaf ears. After all, our leaders think we are 'daft' so what we say can be ignored as 'just noise'.

It is suppose to be provide 'affordable' health care. Perhaps the premium is 'affordable' but the payout is miserable that hardly covers half the potential health care cost, which has been escalating drastically in recent years. We are talking about invalids who cannot perform 3 of  life daily activities. These folks will need help in their daily life and may required the service of a maid. They will find it hard to take public transport and may need to use the taxi. If the payout is already insufficient to cover medical needs, how are these invalids to cope with all these other costs ?

Besides, being handicap and unable to perform any 1 routine of daily activities is bad enough. Eldershield requires us to be almost totally handicap as they will only pay out when we cannot do 3 activities ! They cap the payout to 72 months, so pray hard we will die within their stipulated period. They don't care what happened to us after that. They are only interested in collecting the premium out front.

When CPF increases our minimum sum every year, they said it is due to inflation. But when they force us to buy their insurance schemes such as Eldershield, CPF life, the pay out never factors inflation cost. Their planning or lack of it is obvious. Take the recent example of CPF Life scheme. Its compulsory element will take effect next year. But it  has been revamped again this year. They reduced the 4 plans to 2 options.  Revamping it within such a short duration only shows poor conceptualization of the scheme.

Then the Eldershield scheme which was launched in 2002. In a short span of 5 years, CPF told us to upgrade it 2007. Hello - it is not free as seems to be implied by the press report, which say that "Government increased the monthly payout from $300 to $400, and the maximum payout period from 60 to 72 months".

We have to pay for the upgrade and were recommended to buy into their supplementary plan. If the Eldershield plan is a good scheme and well conceived, why do we need to buy into more and more plans? For an additional $400 payout from the supplementary plan, we ended up forking out 30% more in premium compare to the original Eldershield plan which includes the amount paid for the upgrade.

Now the government under PAP said they intend to review the plan  2013. Shark ! More bad news as more of our CPF money will be depleted again. Every time they made a mistake, we end up paying for it. They will come up with more fanciful plans, upgrade...etc and tell us to buy into their nonsense which never pay enough for us to survival anyway. Their top priority is still cost recovery.

The worst part is most of their schemes are compulsory or auto-inclusion. Unless one is alert and follow up with their non stop change in policies, one will be included in all these schemes unwittingly.

So be very alert ! Make it a point to opt OUT of any CPF scheme if given a chance. Our 'Central Ponzi Fund' is just that -  it is a bottomless greedy pit which sucks big time. There fooled us into believing that the various schemes are for our retirement, it will take care of our medical cost, it will see us through old age disability needs...which all fail to materialize !

Most of us already do not have enough fund for retirement. But all CPF is interested in, is to lock up and deplete our money with more devious schemes. They use our hard earn saving to buy into more govt bonds to fund govt spending and fund the big boys in risky investments which often turn into billions $ losses.

Justification for charing patients at SNEC

This is a follow-up post with regards to the
previous titled 'My Reply to SNEC', where I
find it inconceivable that SNEC may be
racking up $1.44million per year for a simple
eye check lasting last than 2 mins where most
optical shops do it for free. 
SNEC clarified that their $6 charge for the
pre-consultation evaluation test includes 3
tests and performed by 2 nurses :-
i) auto-refraction
ii)non-contact tonometry
iii)visual acuity
Going by my observation, most patients only do
the visual acuity test which is to read
alphabet/number chart.This could be easily be
done by those nurses who are attached to the
consulting doctors. 
Normally there is a few minutes lapses between
each patient consultation as the doctor needs
to complete their medical case note and read
up on the next patient's medical record.The
attending nurse to the doctor could complete
the visual acuity test within that time in
the doctor’s consultation room. The set up
is simple as it just required a simple eye
chart consisting of alphabet/number.
This will reduce waiting time for patients
who have to queue in different testing rooms
before being seen by the doctor. It will
improve efficiency and cut down the number
of nurse require for the evaluation test. 
It will be interesting to know what is the
percentage of patients who undergo all the
3 tests in the first place. If the majority
of patients only do the visual acuity test,
then why make them paid for the cost
incurred by minority patients? 

Saturday, April 28, 2012

$ in Biscuit Tin

When CPF Board announced recently that they will allow topping up of non-immediate family members' CPF account, there were lots of tongue in the cheek comments over the internet.

1) CPF is so desperate for fund that now we can top up our in-laws, great great grandparents ..etc a/c

2) Most prefer to give cash to their family members than top up their a/c. Money deposited into CPF may never see the light of day again. CPF is forever changing their policies to lock up our money.

3) It is more secure and comforting to keep the money in a biscuit tin than in CPF. At least we get to look at it and do what we want with it. Money in CPF is no longer ours, we have no control over it.

Those who has less than the minimum sum of $500 in POSB / DBS would be better off keeping their money in a biscuit tin too. Instead of earning interest, which is almost non existence since it is so low that it is close to zero, they are penalized and have to PAY the bank administrative charges.  Even if the banks paid interest, (which they don't) the admin charges will be much more that the interest paid !

Sigh ! Why penalized the poor ? Their saving will be depleted faster. Instead of saving for a raining day, their saving are being sucked away by these heartless banks.

Local vs FT

We can see the invasion of 'foreign talents' in all aspect of our lives.  During the annual meeting of a local Reits company, half the board of Directors are 'FT'.  There are many FT in their management team as well. Even their CFO is a FT. Is S'pore so lacking in talent ? Do FT gives us more confident in the company ?

For me it is a definite NO. At another Reits company meeting, locals form the bulk of the board of Directors and management team. This company has a much larger portfolio and diversify business. Their performance is much better.

There is this company which performance dropped drastically. They got a FT to helm the company. Looking at the way the AGM is conducted, letting go of this company's share will be my priority. He did not even bother to give a summary account the the company's performance and outlook. Went straight into the agenda and breezed through it. The AGM was over in 10 minutes though it had a whole list of items to be voted on, which other company's AGM would take more than half an hour to settle. There was not even a single question from the shareholders ! The reason could be this FT chairing the meeting did not encourage question. He looked down all the time and glance up briskly when he asked if there was question before quickly proceeding on.

The voting is by raising of hands. They don't even bother to adopt good practice in voting procedure but go for the easier way.

Low Fertility Rate and Mass Import of Immigrants

What is new ? Same old scare tactic story. Government form a new ministry and they repeat the same old wife's tale which we have been listening for the past decade. PAP is brain dead. They cannot think out of the box.  Just add more half truth statistics and paint a more frightening picture.

We the citizens are immune. It will not work.  We can see PAP is turning S'pore into a pressure cooker. Our young who have the capability and talent will leave S'pore with such poor quality of life. So they are creating a void which can never be filled up with mass import of immigrants. They will only get sub-quality immigrants as those super talent will be going for countries which offer better quality of life. Who wants to become citizens in a pressure cooker?

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Pathetic state of our Public Transport

What is happening to our public transport ? Our trains breakdown so often. Our bus knock down pedestrians and floor commuters with their dangerous and inconsiderate driving.

Looks like the recent record breaking of train break down within a week has not past. So far I have been reading about all these MRT unreliability reports and have not experienced it, until this week.

I took the train 25 Apr morning and there was announcement there would be delay as the train jerked its way slowly from Tg Pagar to Outram station. Then on 26 Apr morning, I had just arrived at the station boarding platform when the announcement was made that the train would be delay for 20 mins. On 27 Apr afternoon, the train terminated half way though the journey and passengers had to alight and wait for the next train. It was the same situation at the opposite platform.

Are we having train problems everyday ? Looks like our trains are chronically ill due to delay diagnosis and treatment. It is sneezing and coughing everyday.

Smell of Death

I first learn about the smell of death from this elderly Malay gentleman who is a stray cats feeder. He is a very responsible feeder as after he has shifted home 8 years ago, he still drives here twice a day to feed the strays he is looking after. His wife accompanies him everyday. It is so nice to see such a caring loving couple.

My first conversation with him was regarding a sick black stray he had been feeding. I noticed it was losing weight drastically and look pretty sick and not eating. I was trying to ask him to do something. I suppose it is difficult for him as he has many cats home and some are already under medical care. Besides he is feeding quite a number of strays in different areas within the same estate (not his own estate).

I tried to get his permission to call SPCA but he did not like the idea as there was a chance the cat would be put down. His religious belief applies to animals too and euthanasia is not acceptable to him. I respect his views, though to me, it is kinder to put an animal out of its misery  than to let it suffers a lingering painful death.

Few days later, he asked me if I smell anything. He told me that it was likely from the black cat. Cat hide to die. Normally in drains and culvert. It was the smell of death that he was referring to.

Yesterday, I walked past a drainage grill and I noticed the smell of death. I wonder which strays had died. There are 2 strays around that area, could it be one of them ? I hope not.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Irresponsible Notice by Pasir Ris Town Council

This is a letter I wrote to Pasir Ris Town Council.

Notices are put up in various Pasir Ris blocks warning residents of Health Hazards by animals to discourage feeding these animals eg. stray cats, birds...

Please put up responsible notice and refrain from using half truth and scare tactics. It is very irresponsible to distort facts and brain wash and frighten our ignorant kids and even adults with statements that fur, feather can cause breathing problems for children and elderly. Come on - only those who already have health problem may be affected. Even for asthmatic person, NOT all of them are allergy to furs and feathers !

Then the notice stated that faeces and urine of strays contain germs which give off bad odour and spread diseases. Why pick on strays ? Don't pet dogs feaces and urine give off bad odour too ? As for spreading disease - unless the animal is sick if not their feaces and urine is just like yours and mind - no more or less hazardous !

Pasir Town Council by putting up such irresponsible and distorted notice can only instill unnecessary fear in residents with regards to animals. Instead of dealing with them compassionately, fear may result in ill treatment and abuse of animals.

It is disappointing that an organisation with the power to do good can be so thoughtless when putting up public notice.

Strong Survival Instinct

There is this black cat with injured leg. One of its front limb has a disjointed paw which is bend. It has been moving around on 3 legs since day on I saw it when it was just a kitten. It used to be very shy and will move away. I have not seen it for some months and thought it is unlikely to survive.

Then it appeared again. Fully grown and the front paw seems to bend even more. I do look out for it whenever I pass by that area.

I have not seen it for a long time. It appeared again today ! There are many strays around that area. To be able to survive is remarkable. Strays have very strong survival instinct. Even when they are very sick by human standard, they can still 'labour' on. Their pain tolerant is unimaginable.

Inconsiderate or Thoughtless ?

I past by a childcare center and saw a familiar stray. I give it some cat biscuits whenever I see it. It is not the regular strays which I feed everyday. I carry a bottle of cat biscuit with me and will offer it to any strays I meet.

This stray tabby hangs around a near a block of flat with a childcare center. Sigh ! Feeder(s) has/have been leaving food outside the childcare center area for it. What is worst it is not dry food but wet food. Wet food comes in many variety and favor. Some pleasant in smell, others with heavy fishy odor - that even some cats don't like !  The wet food left outside the childcare center is the smelly type. It was left on the floor without container or on some paper. This makes it difficult for the cleaner to clean up. Leaving heavy odour food on the bare floor attracts ants..etc easily.

It is never good to see strays hanging near childcare center.  There are concerned parents who don't like animals and children who are fearful of animals. Any complain - the strays will be terminated. What more if the floor outside the center is dirty attracting ants and pests. It is difficult to trace who is the inconsiderate feeder. So, the easy thing to do is to get rid of the strays.

Why are these feeders so thoughtless ?  They lack common sense or are they just plain inconsiderate ? They put the strays' lives in danger and create more work for the cleaners by dirtying the place. They could have feed the strays away from the childcare center. Strays normally will follow familiar feeders around when they appeared. Feeding location could be determined by the feeders. They think they are kind, but are they ?

I normally try to get the stray to finish the food if it is around. If it refuses the food, then I will clear it away. Yes, often I clean up the mess created by other feeders.  I do it for the strays.

The tabby at the childcare center refused to eat the wet food left behind but ate the biscuit I gave it. If the feeder is not observant, he/she will keep offering food that the cat don't eat. Waste of food and what a mess !

Monday, April 23, 2012

MRT investigation

There has been unhappiness amongst members of the public for the waste of fund by both SMRT and LTA engaging lawyers for the investigation hearing which is supposed to rectify problems and not point fingers and push blame. But as expected, the investigation into the many instants of major train breakdown has turned ugly with lawyers from both sides ' fighting' it out to push blame.

Some feel that the investigation should be done without representation by lawyers as the heads from SMRT and LTA are capable enough to assist with the investigation. However, there is another perspective to this. I would think we do need the lawyers, for without them, there will be more cover up and the root of the problem is unlikely to surface. The lawyers in wanting to protect their client's interest are uncovering dirt from the other side for all to see.

It is a fact that whenever some mishap happen in a company, even internal investigation faces lots of 'road blocks'. Everyone from the staff involved to the head of department will be trying to protect their own interest and save face. Such investigation is solely for internal consumption. What more a public investigation. A lot is at stake and we can guarantee there will be cover up by all parties concerned. Thus, we do need these lawyers and more ugly scenes in order to uncover all the dirt that SMRT and LTA are trying to bury.

Excuse note from SMRT

We get MC or time off from doctors / dentists. Now SMRT is issuing time off note to us for being stuck in the train. This only shows it is happening so frequently the it is becoming the unwelcome norm in S'pore. Perhaps some folks are using this as an excuse when they are late for work ?

So will S'pore break record for the most train breakdown within a week? Another 1st for us ? We used to be number 1 in 'positive' things. Time has changed. Likely we will see S'pore ranking top in more negative things in near future.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Difficult Decision

I called SPCA to bring a stray cat away on Mon. I was unable to get transport to bring it to SPCA. If we transport the animal to SPCA vet clinic, at least we know the vet's decision after examining the animal. If SPCA pick up the animal, then we would not be informed what happened to it- whether it was put down or  if its condition is treatable.

The cat was not eating since last week. This week, it refused to take even water. It was dripping saliva badly. I have been trying my best to clean its mouth and body. As the stray was sick, it was getting dirty and flies were hovering around it. Then on Mon, there was bleeding in the mouth. I do not wish have it suffer and die a lingering death of hunger and thirst. I decided to call SPCA. However, when I took a last look at it before it went into the SPCA van, its eyes were clear. On Sun it could hardly opened its eyes. Eyes clarity indicates the health of the cat. So is it recovering? I am not sure if I made the right decision which decided its life. It had such spelled of mouth problem before, but it recovered within a week. It was still sunning itself and was drinking. This time round, it was much worst.

There was another stray which also had mouth problem. It was so skinny during its last day that it broke my heart. The next day, it was gone. Strays usually hide somewhere to die. So I told myself I will not let this happen again to another stray. I will do something to put it out of its misery early.

Both cats showed similar changes - they hid most of the day and turn up only for a short duration. They were passive and non responsive when call. Lost interest in food because they could not hardly eat. When they were healthy, they linger around the void deck and ran excitedly towards feeders for food and/or affectionate stroke. They ate eagerly, after which they laze around to sun themselves. One of them would sit in front of the lift so as not to miss any feeders emerging. It loved to butt head with other cats as sign of greeting. The other one would appear when it hears the jingling of keys when I opened the letter box.

Fond memories lasting less than a year. Life span of strays are short, on average 2 to 5 years. Healthy cats can live above 10 years. My pet cat at home is already 12 years old. Compare to the strays down stair, he looks younger. Clear eyes and mouth.

Strays do have a hard life. They eat all sort of things given by feeders. Some feeders out of ignorant give them left over food, chicken and fish bones with/without meat attached. This food is not only unhealthy but can cause mouth problem. The bone either damage the teeth or get stuck in the gum. Being unable to eat and drink is terrible. Its fate is sealed and it will linger for weeks suffering before death. No strays should go through such suffering in urban S'pore. If only strays feeders get themselves acquainted with proper feeding and diet of cats, such unintentional harm to strays would be avoided.

Thursday, April 12, 2012


One of my students aunty adopted 2 abandon kittens. Good grief - they are only 2 days old according to the vet. Abandonment is a cruel act, but abandoning helpless kittens just after birth is really inhuman. Their eyes are still closed and they need their mother's care.

These kittens are from house pet. How can anyone who keep a pet cat can do such thing! Likely they will abandon their pet too when it grows old or becomes sick.

Such people are not fit for pet ownership. They treat their pet as toy to be discard as and when they like. If only they can get a taste of their own bitter pills. Only then they will realise how cruel they are.


I experience my first tremor due to earthquake in Indonesia yesterday. Though I used to stay in Marine Parade which is one of the local tremor zones, but I never encounter any shaking the 10 years I was there.

I was in Pasir Ris on the 16th floor of one of the condo when I felt 'giddy'. I thought I had fallen sick suddenly. I checked with those around me and was relieved to know that they were experiencing similar feeling. They thought they were imagining it until I checked with them.

Well, those in Indonesia were crying in fear as the Tsunami warning was sounded. Luckily there was no tidal wave that followed.

I can imagine the panic and fear of Indonesians as the mild shaking in S'pore already got us worry.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

POSB - real sucker

POSB saving a/c interest rate is almost near zero and yet they have the cheek to charge $2 for cheque account which is tie up directly with ones saving a/c. The monthly interest rate cannot even cover the $2. So in fact we earn minus interest and POSB is using our deposit money for free. They should have waiver the cheque a/c admin charges. But of course they will not as Real Sucker like them will only bleed us dry.

Is CPF an empty shell ?

It was reported in the papers that Ministry of Finance will borrow another $170 billion raising the issue of govt securities to $490 billion. 80% of the increase will be issued to CPF.

The amount of govt securities issued has been on the raise, from $250 billion to $320 billion in 2009 and now $490 Billion.

We know CPF is the major buyer of govt securities. In order words, govt borrow cheaply from us. We are the helpless victims as we have no control over our money in CPF which give us peanuts interest in return well below the annual inflation rate.

Is CPF an empty shell ? Looks good on paper only. Most of the CPF money is tie up in govt securities or used by govt related companies to make risky investment. It is a no brainer to guess the real reason for all the CPF policies changes ever so frequent over the years.


Rediffussion in S'pore will be making their last broadcast on 30 April. Its subscription has dropped from 100,000 in pre Speak Mandarin days to 10,000 in 2008 and then to a miserable 3000 this year. It is not possible for them to survive as the subscription cost average about $20 per month.

It is sad that another company which has been with S'pore for decades will be gone. As their broadcast has lots of historical value, effort is made to acquire and preserve them.

I grown up listening to the background broadcast from Rediffusion from my neighbours. Their broadcast became part of my daily life as my aunt whom we stay with had a set which was switched on the whole day. Then later my mum cannot do without it. Even when it became unreliable due to many HDB upgrading work which affected / damaged its line.

Yeah, ours is via line reception, as our area cannot receive their air broadcast. Not sure how my mum days will be like without her 'faithful companion'.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Glue board, SPCA tel and Mobile Clinic

I gave the following feedback and suggestions to SPCA recently:

1) Glue board for rats about the size of full scape paper when unfolded are being sold at a CK Department Store in HDB estate. It is sold cheaply costing only a few dollars. As CK has many shops island wide, it is worrying that such items is still easily available in spite of the effort by SPCA.

As there has been wide publicity that a stray cat had to be put down after it got stuck in the glue board, the adverse effect is those with a cruel streak against strays may get the idea how to torture them by getting this board and place them near strays areas in HDB.

2) SPCA contact number - the current phone number is not easy to recall. Though SPCA encourages us to store it in our handphone, but the logical thing to do is to change it to one that is easy to remember. As SPCA will be relocating to a new venue in the near future, why not use this opportunity to change it to a user friendly number ? After the relocation, it is likely SPCA will do some promotion to create public awareness. Thus it will be a good time to change the contact number once and for all and publicize it widely.

3) Mobile Clinic cum Emergency Rescue Vehicle - this facility is available in developed countries. Could SPCA plan for its introduction locally ? The mobile clinic could be deployed to help sterilize strays island wide on rotational basis weekly. As SPCA future venue is pretty far flung, it is difficult for the public to access it for application of sterilization voucher or bring in strays to your vet clinic

The mobile clinic could also serve as a rescue vehicle. This will better serve injured strays needing immediate attention. Currently if my understanding is correct, any rescue injured stray has to be brought back to SPCA before it can be attended to.

Fund for this could be from multi sources like:
- SPCA lobby for fund from cash rich donors like TOTO Board
- partial funding from AVA / govt
- becomes part of SPCA annual budget

Additional vet support needed could be from volunteers by S'pore vets eg 1 day per week/month ?

Could SPCA take this bore step forward to improve animal welfare in S'pore ?

My Reply To SNEC

SNEC CFO, Mr Moses Wong replied that medical charges have increased due to operating expenses, inflation, etc. The bottom line is medical cost has increased! When there is saving due to efficiency and technology, patients do not benefit from it. However, there are always reasons for operation cost to increase regularly and patients have to bear the burden.

How does SNEC defines cost-effective and affordable care? Our ex-Minister, Mr Mah BT defines HDB flat costing half a million as 'affordable'. If going by such standard, everything in Singapore is affordable.

Some puzzling questions :-

1) Why does subsidized patients bear the full increase in the recent consultation fee ? Normally the fee hike is less subsidized patients. This time round, subsidized patients see a 10% increase, while non-subsidized patients only a 5% increase. Where is the logic in this ?

2) Why are patients not informed of medical fee hike each time? This gives the impression that SNEC is increasing medical cost on the sly while our government keeps assuring us that healthcare cost is affordable. SNEC could have easily placed a notice at the payment counter to let the public know of any fee increase.

3) Was the fee hike in the Optical Coherent Tomography test last year for a new equipment or was in it in preparation for future purchased ? Is not purchased of new equipment budgeted for annually ? Do funding for new equipment purchase comes from medical fee hike ?

4)How long is the government funding for the salary revision for medical profession? One year or longer? If it is for one year only, will SNEC be looking to recoup the salary increase through medical cost hike in near future?

5) Why is SNEC charging $6 for a simple visual test which most optical shops do it for free ? This test known as pre-consultation evaluation involves reading of alphabets/numbers from a chart. Those evaluation test done by optical shops are even more detail than the one in SNEC. Taking a conservative figure of 1000 patients per day, SNEC revenue from this simple eye test alone will be $120,000 per month! ($6 x 1000 x 20days). This means SNEC is making $1.44 million a year for a simple eye reading test lasting less than 2mins !

Medifund is of no help as its criteria requires a patient and all his/her immediate family to be broke before being eligible. If one is in such dire situation, likely one will fore go healthcare cost to put food on the table first.

Reply from SNEC

Eye Centre's higher charges due to operating expenses, inflation
Letter from Moses Wong Chief Financial Officer, Singapore National Eye Centre
Apr 06, 2012

We thank Madam Tong for her feedback "Is Eye Centre losing sight of the needy with fee hike?"

As a national specialty centre which treats complex eye conditions, the Singapore National Eye Centre (SNEC) is committed to providing quality, cost-effective care. No patient shall be denied medical attention because of the inability to afford treatment.

It is sensitive to the impact of fee revisions on patients and adjusts charges only when necessary.

To contain rising healthcare costs, we continuously look for ways to improve processes and productivity, leveraging on group purchases to achieve economies of scale.

We try as far as possible to maintain our charges. For example, the fee for the Optical Coherence Tomography eye test was revised only twice in eight years. For consultation charges, the last increase was in 2010.

Operating expenses such as utilities, maintenance and fuel prices have risen in the last two years.

With the need to upgrade various diagnostic equipment to keep up with technological advances, we had to review charges this year to keep pace with healthcare inflation.

The coming salary enhancements for doctors and other healthcare professionals are funded fully by the Government and, thus, not a factor in this fee revision.

The SNEC has assistance schemes in place to help needy patients, including Medifund. Needy patients can also access the new Medication Assistance Fund, which helps pay for high-cost drugs they may require for specific conditions.

We wish to reiterate our commitment to delivering quality, affordable care to Singaporeans.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Aung San Suu Kyi

I never thought our neighbouring country by-election can get me so excited. I made it a point to watch the special 1 hour news on CNA, follow by a documentary on this great and selfless lady, which Burmese refer to endearingly as Mother Suu. I was overjoy when her party won 82% (unofficial) of the vote.

Perhaps it is a sense of justice that the suppress and underdog has their triumph over the ruling bullies in power. I felt the same way the our local Workers' Party won their seats in parliament.

I have been following her news since late 1980s after her house arrest. She is a living example of a great enlighten leader whose heart and soul are with her people and country. She left her happy and comfortable family life to remain with her people under house arrest in Burma for 15 years ! She did not get to see her dying husband as he was denied entry into Burma. She missed seeing her 2 children growing up.

How many of us can do it ? I am sure our current batch of PAP leaders can NEVER make such great sacrifice. Have we heard any S'porean refer to LKY as father Lee ? Never.