Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Are Our Ministers 'Talent' ?

All these excuses for PAP ministers to pay themselves obscene salary link to talent are just that - EXCUSES ! Look at our current bunch of ministers, including PM himself - are they real 'talent' ? Anything exceptional about their abilities ? I would think most of them are just your average Jo only. They are definitely NOT talented but perhaps smart. That is why they can come up with so many excuses to make themselves the highest paid political leaders in the world.

Have they managed to attract any good talented people from the private sectors with their obscene exceptional high pay over the years ? Hardly ! What they manage to get are mainly army personals and those from civil services. These folks become instant millionair the moment they jump into the cabinet. Some ride on the tail coats of current ministers and are not even elected by the citizens. Most of our ministers do NOT draw such high salary in their previous job. Those real talent in private sectors are not taking the bait. So why are they still insisting there is a need for obscene pay to get them in ? Do we want such greedy folks to serve S'pore in the first place ?

All these justifications by PM and his gang remind us of Mah BT's infamous phrase : HDB is affordable. Is a public housing flat costing more then half a million affordable ? Perhaps to our millionair ministers it is, but to an ordinary citizen, it cost us a bomb ! Mah used to write weekly articles in MSM and actively tried to brain wash the us that HDB is 'affordable'. What happen to him and his lies now - they are exposed.

PM is still so foolish and try this same old trick on us regarding the ministerial pay. PAP is doing a lot of hard sell to the extent of pushing it down our throat. But WE ARE NOT BUYING IT this time either !

They are self delusion to think they are 'talent' and worth an obscene amount of pay. They just don't get it. We do NOT think they are talented nor worth the amount they are getting.

We don't believe in 'talent' any more. In the past they have used the phrase 'foreign talent' to let in tons of Tom, Dick and Harry with nothing to do with talent. Now they use the same word on themselves to justify for their greed.

In fact the word 'talent' is a burden. PAP seems to be sorely lacking in common sense, as perhaps they deemed answers and solutions arising from practical common sense is NOT consider as talent. They have been coming up with senseless complicated policies that defies logic. Look at the web of complication in our CPF policies. Even the ministerial pay committee has to employ complicated formula to work the ministers pay. Opposition parties' proposals are easy to understand and make more sense to us.

What we want is responsible leaders who are public spirited. They should not be afraid of accountability. They need to be endowed with a heavy dose of practical common sense to enable them to touch base with us -the citizens.

Has our ministers exhibit their 'talent' in problem solving ? An obvious NO ! After all, every time when issues pop up, they employed foreign consultants to help us investigate and resolve the issues. So what is the point of paying so much for our ministers when they cannot solve problems themselves ? They only know how to use public money to get external help. Anyone can do that.

We are sick and tired of the word 'talent'. It has been used to fool the public for years. PAP era is due for a change. Old dogs never learn new tricks. Their old tricks do not work on us any more. We are no longer daft (as LKY loves to call us) and see through them. Perhaps it is PAP that is daft nowadays.