Sunday, November 22, 2009

Right To Dignity - Part 2

In my other post, I was wondering if the law on Euthanasia will materialize in my life time.

I suppose it depends on the economic situation in S'pore. As citizens, most of us will base our decision on moral and religious considerations. But for the government, it is more of a political game base on the country's economical well being which can affect the party's votes during election.

It is just like our government's decision to have an official public gambling den in S'pore. Our government do things the grand way, we build not one, but two casinos at a the same time. We call them by some fancy name like Integrate Resort. This is to disassociate it with the word gambling and instead conjure up an image of fun for families - highlight the theme parks and play down on the gambling.

Should one day our government find our terminally ill aging population taxing our country's financial resources, there is a likelihood the law on Euthanasia will be passed.

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