Sunday, July 5, 2015

PM Lee is S'pore misfortunate

It is unfortunate for us to have a 2nd Lee as our prime mister. He is not as capable as the first Lee but still a chip of the old block in terms of deviousness, viciousness, pettiness and ungracious arrogant.

S'pore image is ruined by his unforgiving pettiness. Here we have a PM suing a young blogger who raised questions on CPF which are already on most citizens' mind. Instead of clarifying, he wants to sue the blogger's pants off.  The easier way to deal with the problem is to be open and transparent if there is nothing to hide.  Since he took to the difficult road - either he is blinded by his arrogant and self importance or perhaps there is really something that cannot see the light of day.

So looks like he is the one ruining his own reputation by his foolishness. The lawsuit has only drawn more attention to the blogger and CPF issues. It left more doubts in our mind of his fitness to be our PM.

Then more damage is done to S'pore image when our govt under his idiotic leadership sue a teenage who dare to criticise his daddy.  This is just a 16 year old boy who is just a needle amongst the haystacks in the internet world.  Now this boy becomes famous due to the lawsuit.  We have international groups speaking up for him and commenting on the injustice of S'pore system.

We as citizens do not want such unflattering attention to our country due to the poor judgement of our revengeful PM who is just out to draw blood regardless of the consequence.