Thursday, November 5, 2009

Good grief - 13 million want to live in Singapore !

It was reported in the papers today that Singapore has become the 'green' pasture for immigrants. According to the migration survey, 13 million people would like to live here. Good grief, we are already cram as sardines even now. Pack in more and we will definitely suffocate.

I suppose I should be proud of the achievement of this tiny red dot of a country. But the recent high influx of foreigners, be they talented or otherwise has definitely affected the quality of life here. Even thinking of a population target of 6 million our government has set, already send shivers down my spine.

This is a great contrast compare to the mid 1990s. I was with Chartered Semiconductor then (Fab 1 - their first plant in Science Park). The company was like a mini United Nation as we had staff from various countries - China, Philippines, Scotland, US, UK, Myanmar, Hong Kong, Taiwan...... Most had one common 'factor' - they had no intention of residing in S'pore in the long run nor taking up citizenship.

Many came to here to work and then returned to their homeland after their contract ended (average 2 to 3 years). This is with exception for those from China and HK. Those from China, mainly from Shanghai and Beijing were treating S'pore as a stepping stone to go to US. While those from HK had their eyes set on Canada.

Planting their roots in S'pore was never in their mind. How time has change.

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