Sunday, October 5, 2014

PM Lee thumb down S'poreans again

Seems like PM, like his daddy enjoys taking every opportunity to thumb down S'poreans.  He was giving a speech at NUSS and he said that our national swimmer, Joseph Schooling, is called 'an Ang Moh foreign talent' and that he is ashamed and dismayed when he "read such virulent and nasty attitudes".  He went on to said S'poreans have "bad behavious, rude behaviour, behaviour that is really a disgrace to a S'porean, a human being...."

Notice the strings of strong negative words he uses on S'poreans!  In the first place, where on earth he read the remark about Joseph being a foreign talent?  Is it hear say or a joke his close aides told him, which he stupidly mistaken for a fact?

As far as a I know, internet is full of praise for our national swimmer, Joseph.  Everyone is saying how proud we are of him.  The commend is that we are not proud when foreign talents our govt bought with money win medal for S'pore.

Joseph is a rising stars, it is not the first time he won medals for S'pore.  Anyone who read MSM and/or internet is aware he is a S'porean. Even folks like me who cannot swim and does not follow sports events is familiar with Joseph as we are proud of him.  After all there are not many things in recent years to be proud of being a S'porean.

PM is worst than MSM, but then we know MSM is under his thumb.  After how MSM distorted the CPF rally painting it in bad light, the saying "A picture tells a thousand words" should be rephrase as "A picture distorts fact like hell".  The selected picture MSM published made it looked as if CPF rally folks were disrupting YMCA event and scaring the children.  But when the slide by slide video analysis appeared on internet, we know they are lying through their nose.

Perhaps PM is a chip of the old block. We know his daddy is notorious for telling half truth. Maybe he beats his daddy in this aspect?

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