Tuesday, September 30, 2014

NGOs, Religious org, civil service.....should not be hijacked

The recent unpleasant incident at Hong Lim Park reminds us of AWARE (a NGO) being hijacked by a religious group in 2009, with the purpose of promoting their religious agenda.  It is suspected that YMCA could be hijacked by political activists/grass root leaders to smear other activists. Likely NParks could be in the hijack picture too.

Though civil service should be 'neutral' when implementing policies and going about their routine work, we know that in all likelihood, they are not.  Directly or indirectly their hands are 'tied' by the political party dominating the parliament.

It is the same with PA and the community centers, PAP influence is obvious as daylight.

Politics and religion are powerful catalyst and it is best that they are not mixed with groups doing social work and serving the public.

NGOs and religious organisations should be alert and cautious as active volunteers could be harboring selfish and ill intend(eg. like notorious Yang Yin who volunteer himself eagerly at grass root to fulfill his greedy motive.) 

As for MIW, their grassroot supporters and IB team may be at the base of the hierarchy, but we still expect some credibility from them since they are in service of their masters - who claimed that they are the best, A team and thus 'deserve' to pay themselves obscene salary. They love to paint themselves as whiter than white while smearing blackening opponents.

To our utter horror and disappointment, most of them seems to lack intellectual ability and have poor command of English.  Look at their supporters and IB guys at work making noises in the internet, you will get the picture.  Many of them cannot even provide a weak rebuttal, but just spill obscenity and 4-letter words. Not only is MIW salary obscene, the language of their supporters and IB team is equally obscene and foul.

Perhaps it is another telling sign that those who paid themselves enormous salary are likely self serving rather than public serving. The joke has been that we pay peanuts we get monkeys, pay a ransom and we still get monkeys. Likely we get 'white' gorillas instead. Though a mutated ape, they are more deadly with their brute strength and capable of playing dirty. Maybe it is better to have monkeys as when they play dirty, at least it is less damaging.

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