Wednesday, October 22, 2014

MIW recruiting ?

Could MIW be recruiting members in preparation for the next election? The latest guess is that MIW finally come to their senses and realised that their choice of paper army generals and high flying career elites with airy personality and turn-off character are not to general public liking.

So now they are looking for folks who can  touch base with the ground, like Mr Louis Ng of ACRES who has been a vocal animal welfare activist for decades.  It is like killing 2 birds with 1 stone.  Besides, muffling a vocal voice, they got someone whom they thought could endear them to voters, especially those with affinity to animals.

Perhaps there may be light at the end of the tunnel for our local unemployed PMETs? Could there be potential openings for them? They need not approach CDC for help to undergo retraining to prepare for downgrading to lower skills and pay jobs which are irrelevant, putting their years of experience to waste.  No need to worry about struggling with the substantially lower pay which is hard to keep up with inflation and mounting food cost to support their family. 

They could look now forward being recruited to a $16K per month part time job. This job entitles one to be absent at parliamentary session without consequence. You can sneak off too when the session gets to boring without pay cut. You can choose to speak, sleep or remain silent, the wiser option is to sleep or remain silent.

Remember NMP Mr Eugene Tan - the reason he is not reelected could be because he has been too vocal and hardworking during parliamentary session. Being awake and giving hard hitting comments are not advisable for career development with MIW.  He used to be interviewed extensively by the papers and on TV for his views. Now hardly see him anymore.  Lesson learned is to remain in MIW good book at all cost, regardless of your conscience.

To increase your chance of success, try to rub shoulders and take pictures with your Ministers and MPs.  Remember even FT with fake degree can get PR with the help of his MP.  Knowing whose shoes, apples and butt to polish goes a long way.

Our local talented PMET's degree is real - thus should be worth more and able to land a political post with MIW?  Any degree will do as there is no relevancy attached to it since eye doctor can be in-charge of drains environment and even paper generals can take on any portfolio.  There even used to be a post for those without portfolio, which sound so useless that they had the ministry renamed.

Then there will be more meat to come once you are part of MIW gang. There will be plenty of invitations to take on directorship in various private companies, never mind if there is conflict of interest. What is more important is to increase your net worth monetary, so that you will be 'respected' when you talk to big shot.

No need to worry that you may be stress out, running around to attend so many meetings in various companies, as there are so many MIWs that individual official workload is pretty light.  The trend is to beat each other to take on the most number of directorships. Make full use of your free time and make as much easy money as possible. It is perfectly all right as all your big bosses are doing it too.

The only prerequisite for this high paying job is thick skin. It is rather unpopular as you will face 'noise' and verbal arrows from alternate media.  But then, never mind if you have sensitive skin, as you can learn a trick or two from your boss how to fix dissent voices.  Besides, with so much $$ and time to spare, you can also take up law suit to cow and silent those 'arrows' you cannot block.

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