Sunday, October 5, 2014

PM Lee's Speech At NUSS Full Of Ironies.

PM Lee's speech at NUSS recently was full of ironies.  He was telling uni students that they have a bright future, when his govt is now directly discouraging S'poreans from obtaining a degree, which does not guarantee a job.

Then he also his gave reasons why his govt banned Tan Pin Pin's film - To Singapore, With Love, which has won numerous awards and accolades world wide.  According to him, he cannot allow others to present account of themselves which is self-serving personal account and conveniently inaccurate...etc etc.

So who verifies the numerous books his daddy wrote about himself and S'pore are historically accurate and factual?   Is his daddy's work not self-serving personal account too?

Is he saying only what comes out of his daddy's mouth is the truth and all other accounts are false? One man words against many others - who do we belief, when we know that one man loves half truth and is a shrewd politician.  Politicians are generally good liars, especially when they are self serving and love to glorify themselves.

He again stressed the importance of foreign talent (FT) as according to him,  "... allowing foreign professionals to work in Singapore in fact creates more good jobs for Singaporeans. If we are too tight on foreign PMEs, I think many companies would be deterred from coming here, and the jobs for Singaporean PMEs may not even exist in the first place.”

We wish to ask the PM, can he offer us some raw factual numbers (not statistics which can be manipulated) that FT creates more plus good jobs for S'poren and NOT take them away instead?  We have seen how easily PRC Yang Yin fools local authority with his fake uni certificate. The university stated on his cert does not even exist in China and the local authority is non the wiser.  Exposure of such cases have been on the raise.

It is a confirm fact the India, China and Philippine have syndicates which churn out fake certificates. CNA featured a documentary on Philippine syndicates which are so good at faking certificates they look like the real stuff. They used high tech scanner and even buy real certificate papers from corrupt officers in organisations for the purpose of faking. The universities stated in the cert. do actually exist. So you think our local authority can tell it is a fake, when Yang Yin got away with his non-existence uni so easily.

Philippine govt is worry that their economy can be negatively impacted and damaged with so many fake professionals floating around.  According to the documentary, one synthetic can sell more than 40 fake certs per day, and they come cheap, - less than US$20.

Fake professionals are mobile and they will flock to country like S'pore whose govt under PAP stupidly welcomes them with open arms, with job and good pay.

Wonder why NUSS bothers to invite PM.  What can the audience learn from him? Did he offer any depth, insight or wisdom ? NONE. Yet MSM media devoted so much air time and print space to his lecture. Sigh !

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