Sunday, October 12, 2014

'Acting Minister' for Com & Info at Citizen level !!

I am in this small interest group on WhatsApp and was told by one member not to send link (it is not even a post) related to 'politics'.  It was an article about the recent case of a greedy lawyer vs greedy doctor.  It so happens that the greedy lawyer is a PAP MP.

So we not only have our govt telling us what to read and what to see, we now have fellow citizen behaving like 'Acting Minister' for Com and Info, telling us what to post on social media !

How to avoid talking about politics since it is an integrated part of our social fibric.  Open the newspaper - most of the news is politics. HK protest, Roy and Han being called up to the police station, citizens low birth rate, ......

Even 'gossipy' type of news could involve politics. For example the case about the PRC con man cheating the rich widow of money.  We have a blur PAP MP helping him to get his PR and our sotong ICA approving his PR application.

I suppose those 'little Acting Minister of Com and Info' meant is that anything negative about the existing ruling party is politics. It becomes sensitive to them.  They think they have the right to tell others off to keep out as it is an OB marker to them.

If one wants to be in social networking sites like Facebook  and WhatsApp, then learn to deal with the information. No one is forcing you to read or click on the link if it is not your cup of tea.  Why the arrogant to have the cheek to tell others what they can and cannot share on networking sites.

These folks are living in la la land.  They think the coin has only one face though it is obvious it is 2 sided.  Their coin is covered with a thick layer of dust as they never flip it over.

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