Thursday, October 23, 2014

Out Dated Road Traffic Act Killing Cats & Monkeys

On one hand with have law that prohibits cruelty to animals with penalty clauses of jail term and/or fine.  Then we have our traffic police telling us that under the Road Traffic Act it is perfectly fine to hit and run away if you knock down an animal as long as it is not -  ass, cattle, dog, pig, goat, horse, mule and sheep.

The police under MHA must be either very busy or very lazy.  Why is there no review and update of the Act? With the exception of dog, sighting of any other of those listed animals will be such rare occurrence that it will be news worthy. This outdated law is probably written long long time ago where S'pore used to have pig farms and bullock carts pulled by cattle. 

So it is not cruel to knock down and leave a injured cat or monkey to suffer a painful lingering death under the Road Traffic Act?  Why the inconsistency in the law which contradicts each other? 

Under the Animals and Birds Act, all mammals are covered under it (except for human and fish).  So should not the police keep up with time and update their Act?

They make it known that they will only response to those 'certain' animals cover under their outdated Act.  Such response only reflect negatively on them.  No wonder we have our serious riot in Little India. Our police force are passive and complacent and will only wake from their slumber if they are pushed.

Let us hope our pro-active NGOs will do the pushing.  Now - where is the voice of AVA?  Sigh - they are in the same operation mode as our police force - passively inactive - the less work the better.

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