Sunday, October 12, 2014

Great Food at E'spuma Lab

Read about this food eatery, E'spuma Lab situated at PoMo Mall, Selegie Road which uses cooking techniques normally found in high-end dinning.  The chef, Teo Y S decided to use it in his eatery which layout is similar to fast food chain, but the food is serve to us.

So we get to taste potato espuma and sous vide eggs, both cooked to perfection.  Espuma is Spanish for foam.  The culinary technic is to produce it with a siphon and nitrous oxide adding taste and texture to it.

The quality of food is good, the price is affordable and the portion is reasonable considering the high quality food and price.

This is one place I will be visiting on a regular basis.  So far, I have tried their Sous Vide Egg with Sauteed Mushrooms ($3.80), Fish and chips ($6.80) and Fragrant Curry Chicken with Creamy Potato Espuma ($6.80).

I love their Curry Chicken with Potato Espuma best.  The chicken is tasty and the potato espuma is something new to me and I really like its taste which compliment the curry chicken well.

Recommended to go for their set as it comes with a tasty soup and a drink. The set meal is ($8++)

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