Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Culling Of Pigeons in S'pore

Though I know that pigeons are culled regularly by pest control company employed by Town Council in HDB, but I have never witnessed the horrible scene before.  This morning, I saw pigeons being picked up from the ground and bagged into plastic bags.  They are still alive but weaken so much that they let themselves be picked up and thrown into plastic bags.  Birds were also falling off the ledge onto the ground.

It is so upsetting that a family passing by asked me what is happening.  I told them the birds were poisoned. They are non-locals and were shocked that our laws allow such inhuman act.

Imagine how much pain we endure when we have tummy upset. How terrible the pain will be to ingest poison and death is NOT immediate.  Here we are talking about making cruelty to animals carries a heavier penalty.  On the other hand, we allow such cruel method to be used to cull pigeons which are classified as pest in S'pore.

Pigeons are just birds, but become pest in S'pore context because of our over-development and dense population living in HDB.  The poor birds become the victim of S'pore progress !

It is not the pigeons fault that their environment is heavily populated by humans. Why can't we be more tolerant and live and let live. Even if they need to be culled, can't we have more humane way of doing it?  The food could be drugged to knock them unconscious. They can then be bagged and gassed with carbon dioxide so that they died while still unconscious.

We are a first world country and yet we use such cruel and inhuman method to cull birds just to save cost!  It is an irony as there is so much contradiction on interpretation of cruelty to animals. 

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