Wednesday, January 30, 2013

WP only capable of being co-driver of PAP

Why did Mr Low of Workers' Party (WP) played down his party victory in the recent by-election ?

He was telling us that WP is happy assisting PAP and they are not ready to form the next govt. So when will they be ready?

When PAP first formed the govt, likely they were not 'ready' but just went ahead, as opportunity waits for no men.  After all, the administrative system was in place and it was not as if they started from scratch.

After decades of independence, our civil administrative system has been strengthen. So why is WP so lacking in confident of their party capability ?

Could it be they have come to know of things PAP hides from us ? After all, the AIM saga is likely the tip of the ice berg of PAP dirty linings.

If it is serious matter regarding all these official 'legalized' (though they may not be ethical) administration of our funds....reserve, CPF, will be a concern indeed that should they become the governing party - what to do - to disclose or not to disclose ? The truth could hurt S'pore's image and international standing and also fury from the citizens if country's fund and our life saving in CPF are not solid but hollow.

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