Sunday, January 6, 2013

Licensed Loan Sharks ??

Loan sharks are facing fierce competition from the blossoming of licensed money lenders and mushrooming of pawn shops all over S'pore. Seems like they are getting themselves licensed too in order to give some legitimacy to their 'business'.  But old habits die hard - they still love to harass their clients.

They have been leaving flyer in HDB doorsteps to advertise their business, with their licence number stated. Then some of them have been hanging around coffee shops and eateries in housing estate to distribute their flyers and talk to folks patronizing the food center offering their 'financial' service.

An elderly lady in my neighbourhood told me that she called the police last night as someone had shone a spot light at her window the whole night.

She had been approached by licensed loan sharks at the coffee shop. They offered her a loan which she declined since she doen't need it in the first place. Then these 'sharks' tried to persuade her to sell her flat and offer to handle the transaction for her. She declined again. She suspected the recent harassment of spot light aiming at her window is the work of these 'sharks'.

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