Saturday, January 5, 2013

AIM Saga, when all else fail - SUE

Background Information : The saga involves a questionable transaction between PAP Town Councils and AIM, a $2 paid capital company which is managed by PAP members (eg. Ex-MPs).  A local prominent blogger analysed and wrote extensively about the questionable transaction with clear and obvious conflict of interest.  PAP tried to explain the transaction but their explanation only raised more questions.

Now PM is suing the blogger. Not surprising, as PAP is notorious for suing anyone who tarnish their image. Some have become bankrupt as a result of daring to speak up.

Times have change, bullying tactics don't work so well as in the past. Decades ago, it used to silent many of the vocal ones.  Now, it only generate more discussion in the internet.

Besides, we still remember the Kidney Foundation Saga, where the corrupt head used lawsuits to silent those who hinted at his misdeed. All it took to bring him to justice was an entity with $$ who counter sue to protect its reputation and integrity. His mistake - he did not bet on anyone taking him on and thought he could go on forever suing people to silent them.

Lesson learned :

- Those who sue may not be speaking the truth but hiding their misdeed.
- To these big bullies,-  Might is Right.
- To us, they are despicable, as Right is Might !

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