Wednesday, January 30, 2013

6.9 million by 2030 ! What madness !

My friend, an ex-S'poren who has happily settled in Australia - dropped me an email expressing her shock about PAP intention to further expand S'pore population.

Her exact words : How can Singapore be 6.9m ! It will be worse.

We the citizen know it is madness, how can PAP not know ?  What is their real hidden agenda ?  They try to bluff their way through with their white paper on population with airy statistics which no sensible citizens will believe. We can see with our eyes and experience what has happened around us these past years with the rapid population growth.

Reducing population is harder than population expansion. Even with our years of falling fertility rate, S'pore population has been on the rise. Just import. So if they miscalculate again (nothing new) - what are they going do to about the 'extra' people ? People die naturally, and nowadays folks are living longer. You cannot 'expel' people from the country as we are not refugee !

The population white lies paper makes many assumptions and resulting effects based on these flaw assumptions. Who is going to believe our quality of life will be better and there will be more jobs for PMET ?
(PMET = Professional, Managers, Engineers and Technicians)

Our quality of life has been on the decline for years for ordinary citizens. PMET unemployment has been on the rise. How can bringing in more people to squeeze into an already densely populated area improve our quality of life. How can more competitive job market creates better employment prospect for local PMET ?

Empty words and broken promises - we have been through all these before. Did not our ex-PM Goh promised us Swiss standard of living ? What happen to that now ?

These assumptions are full of holes. How can PAP guarantee foreign investments will continue or existing ones will not pull out of S'pore ? Many of our neighbouring countries are opening up. They will be the future dragons of Asia and the drawing magnet for overseas investment.

What about global event like climate change which can result in food shortage and/or drought. What will happen to S'pore then with our over population of 6.9 million ? We import practically every thing and is not self sufficient in water resources. So will we be having food and water rationing in peace time ?

Why is PAP so blind and deaf ?  Perhaps there is an ugly hidden agenda.


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