Sunday, January 6, 2013

MSM is becoming Irrelevant

Our local main stream media (MSM) is becoming irrelevant. Their reporting is sometimes a week behind events which are already hotly discuss in the internet. Take the recent questionable transaction between PAP Town Councils and AIM (a private company managed by PAP) - it was reported by in the news by CNA (Channel News Asia) and the local newspapers a week later. Likely they can't ignore it anymore as the discussion in the internet is getting more intense by the day. So they obtained permission from their 'boss' on top to report it.

The reporting by MSM is one sided and does not provide a full picture. The journalism is pathetic as there is no effort to do in depth investigation into the event. Then there is a lack of analysis. If there is - it is with the purpose to clean up their 'boss' tarnished image, regardless of the fact behind it.

Bloggers on the other hand provided in depth analysis into events which really put professionals in MSM to shame. Besides, the investigation done by netcitizens can be on par with those carry out by our law enforcers. They are not even paid any salary. The only driving force is to get at the truth of the matter which is often swipe under the carpet by those with political influence and $$.

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