Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Punggol Slap

Workers' Party (WP), Mr Low said that he hoped voters in Punggol East would give PAP (People's Action Party) the 'Punggol Slap' during the by-election. His wish came true. Hurray ! WP won the by-election by a comfortable margin.

Looks like it is a pretty hard slap for PM and his PAP gang. They deserve it with all their wayang (acting).

Just look at some of the names PAP has been called and it is clear how most citizens view them and their policies :

- Party Against People
- Perfectly Arrogant Party
- People Acting Party

Whether a person is sincere or not is reflect in his face, smile and action. Just look at PM, - his smile is so fake. He tries to smile to soften his image but one just get goose pimples looking at it.  His smile shows that he basically CAN'T smile and is uncomfortable doing so. What does it says of such a person, who is not comfortable even with himself ?

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