Wednesday, January 30, 2013

PM fears transparency

This is what PM said regarding request by citizens that the
governing party be more transparent
"If you know that everything you write down is going to be
made public, a lot of things are not going to be written down."  
What does this reflect about his thinking and his party
integrity? As it is they are operating being an opaque screen.
So if we request for more transparency, they will hide even
more things from the public? 
If one is honest,what is there to hide? What is there to fear? 
Often, we get a good glimpse of the real 'face' of PM and his
PAP gang through their slip of tongue. Just like the time when
PM said about him needing to spend more time to fix the
opposition should more of them be elected into parliament. 
We know how good his daddy is in fixing his opponents.
Like father like son. PM takes after his father in many ways..
he too is notorious for taking up law suits against S'pore
citizens at every perceived 'insult'. After all he has lots
of money to throw around with his excessive salary which is
highest in the world amongst political office holders.          

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