Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Les Mise'rables

This movie nominated for 8 Oscar is not to be missed if one loves stage musical. The acting is good though the singing is a little bit disappointing.  They got these big name stars (Hugh Jackman, Russel Crowe, Anne Hathaway...) to act in the movie to attract audience, so can't expect all of them to sing as good as professional stage musical singers.

Surprisingly Hugh Jackman (from X-Men) who took the role of Jean Valjean, sings relatively well. He has the meatiest role singing all throughout the film. However, his rendition of  'Who Am I' and  'Bring Him Home' does not have the vocal impact like Colm Wilkinson (of the 1st stage cast), Gary Morris and Alfie Boe (of the latest stage cast).

Russel Crowe singing is a real let down. He is Javert - the self righteous law enforcer who hunted Jean Valjean through the years.  He neither has the vocal range nor volume to bring to live the songs 'Star' and 'Javert's Suicide'.

Anne Hathaway (from Princess Diary) who is nominated for best actress, singing is good. She acted as Fantine. Her rendition of  'I Dreamed A Dream' will bring tears to your eyes.

Samantha Barks played Eponine is the same one doing the stage musical. She did great for the song 'On My Own'.

Amanda Seyfried who played Cosette sings well but she looks like a  'fairy tale' princess and does not impress with her acting. The girl who play little Cosette is more impressive.

The songs in Les Mise'rables have good musical scores and lyrics. The lyrics are touching and reach out to the audience emotionally. Most of the songs in Les Mise'rables are sentimental and emotionally charged. The only catchy tune in this musical is 'Do You Hear The People Sing'  as it has a marching beat to it. But this too is charged with emotion of people who were oppressed and wanted a better life.

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