Thursday, April 26, 2012

Smell of Death

I first learn about the smell of death from this elderly Malay gentleman who is a stray cats feeder. He is a very responsible feeder as after he has shifted home 8 years ago, he still drives here twice a day to feed the strays he is looking after. His wife accompanies him everyday. It is so nice to see such a caring loving couple.

My first conversation with him was regarding a sick black stray he had been feeding. I noticed it was losing weight drastically and look pretty sick and not eating. I was trying to ask him to do something. I suppose it is difficult for him as he has many cats home and some are already under medical care. Besides he is feeding quite a number of strays in different areas within the same estate (not his own estate).

I tried to get his permission to call SPCA but he did not like the idea as there was a chance the cat would be put down. His religious belief applies to animals too and euthanasia is not acceptable to him. I respect his views, though to me, it is kinder to put an animal out of its misery  than to let it suffers a lingering painful death.

Few days later, he asked me if I smell anything. He told me that it was likely from the black cat. Cat hide to die. Normally in drains and culvert. It was the smell of death that he was referring to.

Yesterday, I walked past a drainage grill and I noticed the smell of death. I wonder which strays had died. There are 2 strays around that area, could it be one of them ? I hope not.

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