Thursday, April 26, 2012

Pathetic state of our Public Transport

What is happening to our public transport ? Our trains breakdown so often. Our bus knock down pedestrians and floor commuters with their dangerous and inconsiderate driving.

Looks like the recent record breaking of train break down within a week has not past. So far I have been reading about all these MRT unreliability reports and have not experienced it, until this week.

I took the train 25 Apr morning and there was announcement there would be delay as the train jerked its way slowly from Tg Pagar to Outram station. Then on 26 Apr morning, I had just arrived at the station boarding platform when the announcement was made that the train would be delay for 20 mins. On 27 Apr afternoon, the train terminated half way though the journey and passengers had to alight and wait for the next train. It was the same situation at the opposite platform.

Are we having train problems everyday ? Looks like our trains are chronically ill due to delay diagnosis and treatment. It is sneezing and coughing everyday.

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