Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Irresponsible Notice by Pasir Ris Town Council

This is a letter I wrote to Pasir Ris Town Council.

Notices are put up in various Pasir Ris blocks warning residents of Health Hazards by animals to discourage feeding these animals eg. stray cats, birds...

Please put up responsible notice and refrain from using half truth and scare tactics. It is very irresponsible to distort facts and brain wash and frighten our ignorant kids and even adults with statements that fur, feather can cause breathing problems for children and elderly. Come on - only those who already have health problem may be affected. Even for asthmatic person, NOT all of them are allergy to furs and feathers !

Then the notice stated that faeces and urine of strays contain germs which give off bad odour and spread diseases. Why pick on strays ? Don't pet dogs feaces and urine give off bad odour too ? As for spreading disease - unless the animal is sick if not their feaces and urine is just like yours and mind - no more or less hazardous !

Pasir Town Council by putting up such irresponsible and distorted notice can only instill unnecessary fear in residents with regards to animals. Instead of dealing with them compassionately, fear may result in ill treatment and abuse of animals.

It is disappointing that an organisation with the power to do good can be so thoughtless when putting up public notice.

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