Sunday, April 29, 2012

Justification for charing patients at SNEC

This is a follow-up post with regards to the
previous titled 'My Reply to SNEC', where I
find it inconceivable that SNEC may be
racking up $1.44million per year for a simple
eye check lasting last than 2 mins where most
optical shops do it for free. 
SNEC clarified that their $6 charge for the
pre-consultation evaluation test includes 3
tests and performed by 2 nurses :-
i) auto-refraction
ii)non-contact tonometry
iii)visual acuity
Going by my observation, most patients only do
the visual acuity test which is to read
alphabet/number chart.This could be easily be
done by those nurses who are attached to the
consulting doctors. 
Normally there is a few minutes lapses between
each patient consultation as the doctor needs
to complete their medical case note and read
up on the next patient's medical record.The
attending nurse to the doctor could complete
the visual acuity test within that time in
the doctor’s consultation room. The set up
is simple as it just required a simple eye
chart consisting of alphabet/number.
This will reduce waiting time for patients
who have to queue in different testing rooms
before being seen by the doctor. It will
improve efficiency and cut down the number
of nurse require for the evaluation test. 
It will be interesting to know what is the
percentage of patients who undergo all the
3 tests in the first place. If the majority
of patients only do the visual acuity test,
then why make them paid for the cost
incurred by minority patients? 

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