Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Inconsiderate or Thoughtless ?

I past by a childcare center and saw a familiar stray. I give it some cat biscuits whenever I see it. It is not the regular strays which I feed everyday. I carry a bottle of cat biscuit with me and will offer it to any strays I meet.

This stray tabby hangs around a near a block of flat with a childcare center. Sigh ! Feeder(s) has/have been leaving food outside the childcare center area for it. What is worst it is not dry food but wet food. Wet food comes in many variety and favor. Some pleasant in smell, others with heavy fishy odor - that even some cats don't like !  The wet food left outside the childcare center is the smelly type. It was left on the floor without container or on some paper. This makes it difficult for the cleaner to clean up. Leaving heavy odour food on the bare floor attracts ants..etc easily.

It is never good to see strays hanging near childcare center.  There are concerned parents who don't like animals and children who are fearful of animals. Any complain - the strays will be terminated. What more if the floor outside the center is dirty attracting ants and pests. It is difficult to trace who is the inconsiderate feeder. So, the easy thing to do is to get rid of the strays.

Why are these feeders so thoughtless ?  They lack common sense or are they just plain inconsiderate ? They put the strays' lives in danger and create more work for the cleaners by dirtying the place. They could have feed the strays away from the childcare center. Strays normally will follow familiar feeders around when they appeared. Feeding location could be determined by the feeders. They think they are kind, but are they ?

I normally try to get the stray to finish the food if it is around. If it refuses the food, then I will clear it away. Yes, often I clean up the mess created by other feeders.  I do it for the strays.

The tabby at the childcare center refused to eat the wet food left behind but ate the biscuit I gave it. If the feeder is not observant, he/she will keep offering food that the cat don't eat. Waste of food and what a mess !

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