Saturday, April 28, 2012

Local vs FT

We can see the invasion of 'foreign talents' in all aspect of our lives.  During the annual meeting of a local Reits company, half the board of Directors are 'FT'.  There are many FT in their management team as well. Even their CFO is a FT. Is S'pore so lacking in talent ? Do FT gives us more confident in the company ?

For me it is a definite NO. At another Reits company meeting, locals form the bulk of the board of Directors and management team. This company has a much larger portfolio and diversify business. Their performance is much better.

There is this company which performance dropped drastically. They got a FT to helm the company. Looking at the way the AGM is conducted, letting go of this company's share will be my priority. He did not even bother to give a summary account the the company's performance and outlook. Went straight into the agenda and breezed through it. The AGM was over in 10 minutes though it had a whole list of items to be voted on, which other company's AGM would take more than half an hour to settle. There was not even a single question from the shareholders ! The reason could be this FT chairing the meeting did not encourage question. He looked down all the time and glance up briskly when he asked if there was question before quickly proceeding on.

The voting is by raising of hands. They don't even bother to adopt good practice in voting procedure but go for the easier way.

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