Monday, April 23, 2012

MRT investigation

There has been unhappiness amongst members of the public for the waste of fund by both SMRT and LTA engaging lawyers for the investigation hearing which is supposed to rectify problems and not point fingers and push blame. But as expected, the investigation into the many instants of major train breakdown has turned ugly with lawyers from both sides ' fighting' it out to push blame.

Some feel that the investigation should be done without representation by lawyers as the heads from SMRT and LTA are capable enough to assist with the investigation. However, there is another perspective to this. I would think we do need the lawyers, for without them, there will be more cover up and the root of the problem is unlikely to surface. The lawyers in wanting to protect their client's interest are uncovering dirt from the other side for all to see.

It is a fact that whenever some mishap happen in a company, even internal investigation faces lots of 'road blocks'. Everyone from the staff involved to the head of department will be trying to protect their own interest and save face. Such investigation is solely for internal consumption. What more a public investigation. A lot is at stake and we can guarantee there will be cover up by all parties concerned. Thus, we do need these lawyers and more ugly scenes in order to uncover all the dirt that SMRT and LTA are trying to bury.

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