Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Aung San Suu Kyi

I never thought our neighbouring country by-election can get me so excited. I made it a point to watch the special 1 hour news on CNA, follow by a documentary on this great and selfless lady, which Burmese refer to endearingly as Mother Suu. I was overjoy when her party won 82% (unofficial) of the vote.

Perhaps it is a sense of justice that the suppress and underdog has their triumph over the ruling bullies in power. I felt the same way the our local Workers' Party won their seats in parliament.

I have been following her news since late 1980s after her house arrest. She is a living example of a great enlighten leader whose heart and soul are with her people and country. She left her happy and comfortable family life to remain with her people under house arrest in Burma for 15 years ! She did not get to see her dying husband as he was denied entry into Burma. She missed seeing her 2 children growing up.

How many of us can do it ? I am sure our current batch of PAP leaders can NEVER make such great sacrifice. Have we heard any S'porean refer to LKY as father Lee ? Never.

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