Wednesday, December 30, 2009

What to think of this ?

What to think of this - Malaysia representative to the United Nations (UN) cast the 'wrong' vote at the International Atomic Energy Agency. He voted for Iran nuclear activities when he is suppose to vote against it !

Now, not only is he in deep shit incurring the wrath of his government, Malaysia too is trying to appease US. US is upset with Malaysia supporting the nuclear misbehaviour of Iranian activities.

Just one vote could have skewed the balance in passing a resolution which could impact humanity and million of lives. We are talking about nuclear activities in a country know for its support of terrorists' activities.

How can a country's ambassador to UN cast the wrong vote ! This is unheard of. Well, according to the official explanation, it is due to lack of communication with the Malaysia's ministry. Malaysian UN ambassador is not aware of his country recent change of political stand.

But it is this underlying root cause that is more worrying. This is because historically Malaysia has been casting their vote in support of member of the Organisation of the Islamic Conference, to which both Iran and Malaysia belong. Likely there are many other countries which are also casting their vote not base on the safety and good of humanity, but solely on religious affiliation. Politics with religion - a potent explosive mixture we have here.

It is all just a political game at the UN. Most of the time is it Dis-United Nations, each country for its own interest.

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