Thursday, December 24, 2009

Harmony Through Acceptance

There is this report about faith in America. Seems like Americans 'personalised' their religion. They have a 'dominant' faith but at the same time 'blend' other positive religious beliefs into their lives.

Some may find such practices unacceptable or even 'shocking', but I see it as a path towards true religious harmony. It is only through true understanding of religion other than our own, can we accept things with an open mind and from our heart.

Religious tolerant will not lead to harmony - as the word tolerant says it all. We are 'tolerating' what we do not accept. It is only about self control and being sensitive. By not speaking about it? Or perhaps harbor the view that we are more 'superior' in our belief system?

Being sensitive is a two edge sword. There are those who are sensitive towards others, and those who are sensitive about what others say / think about them. The latter group are often those who react strongly. They may be 'polite' on the surface but harbour strong prejudicial views against others different from themselves. Remember the AWARE saga early this year? A group of high profile religious women plotted to take over an established NGO to perpetuate their believe system. These are the folks who will rise up to the occasion whenever there is a chance to impose their views on others as they are 'hot blooded' bigots at their core.

Harmony could only come about through understanding and acceptance of others different from ourselves in religious practices and way of life.

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