Friday, December 4, 2009

HDB Policy on Cats & Dogs Ownership

This is my letter to SPCA. (some self-censorship is done as the original letter may be too 'sensitive')

I wish to feedback on the HDB rigid policy with regards to cats and dogs ownership.

SPCA has been doing its best to push for amendment to the illogical law. However, it has been many years and there has not been any progress. Perhaps there need to be a change of tactic and bold steps taken ?

We all know how government officers work - they do not like changes, afraid to take on responsibility and cannot decide on anything without consulting 'higher up'.

It is not that they are 'kind' and close one eye to the cats ownership in HDB. They basically do not have the manpower nor resources to implement and enforce their own rules on cats & dogs ownership. Thus, I do not think it should be a concern that they will implement the ruling strictly if 'push', as SPCA seems to fear.

It could even be a blessing in disguise, for I am sure you will get protest from HDB pets' owners. Remember the AWARE saga ? When people feel injustice is done - they will give their support and speak up to correct a wrong.

Perhaps a top down (support from MPs) approach combine with a bottom up (animal loving citizens) approach would work ?

If we could get MPs to speak up on this issue in parliament and petitions from ground level, we would be able to make headway.

In 1992, our then BG Lee S L said "Let reason prevail....a golf course would have to be built on nature reserve land if there was a need." He was referring to Pierce nature reserve.

NGO groups lead by Nature Society S'pore got enough support through petition to stop the senseless project.

This is a critical factor affecting the adoption rate and termination numbers in SPCA. I am a life member and look forward to the day where SPCA is not associated with mercy killing of healthy animals due to the many constrains the organisation face.

Perhaps if the SPCA set a target time frame just like a business plan - only then will there be well thought out strategies to get the HDB ruling change. We must never accept NO for an answer where the welfare of animals is concern.

After all the law have been amended even in more sensitive issue like organ donation.

Basically, this issue needs to be highlighted frequently enough for changes to materialise.

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