Monday, December 21, 2009

Politicians vs The Environment

Can our world leaders solve global environmental problems ? Not if they are politicians first and global citizen taking 2nd place. Evidence is abound with the flop in the recent Convention on Climate Change held in Copenhagen.

They are not so worry about the future of our earth, perhaps they think they do not live to see it. Their immediate concern as politicians is to ensure their party remains in power and their political future is not shaken. Thus, their decision is not base what is the right thing to do to cut carbon emission and slow down deforestation, but focus on the political impact it has on them.

Politicians do not have the best interest of the earth at heart. It is all about their country interest (which is link to their political future) - which may not what is good for the environment. The convention is nothing but the usual 'circus' show where they 'bash' each other over preservation of self interest rather than resolving environmental problems.

The dilemma is those who have the power to make decision are not the best people to discuss environmental issues. Non-political affiliated scientific communities and environmental NGO groups are the best parties to be in UN environmental conventions making decision. However, these folks do not have the power and could only provide information to their political leaders who may not share their views.

What is the future for our mother Earth ? I hope I don't live long enough to see its further deterioration.

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