Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Thio Are At It Again

In my previous post I mentioned about the fanatics behind the AWARE saga. The main instigators of the whole unpleasant event are the Thio gang. They are at it again. It was reported in the papers some weeks back that Prof Thio while addressing lawyers at a seminar said ..."What about Singapore...when there are questions of moral controversy, do you go to the courts or do you go to Parliament?"

Those who held strong views and bigots at heart will see 'moral' controversies in everything. The scary part about them is they will go to the extreme to have it their way - like hijacking AWARE, going to court and taking it up in the Parliament. This was what happened when one of the Thio gang was an NMP. Thank God and/or all gods she is no longer a NMP. It is hard to digest her mouthful of illogical moral sermons at the Parliament seating.

To me those who persecute others base on their own belief system are the 'immoral' ones. It is hypocritical of them to use morality and religion as excuses to justify their own prejudice and religious bigotry. Hide behind the veil, with no guts to own up to their religious superiority complex. Their personal weakness is in needing a perpetual target group to vent their 'anger' arising from their strong biased views.

Good luck to all of us who do not subscribe to their belief system. We may end up as their next victim.

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