Friday, December 4, 2009

Unity Is Strength

My reply to SPCA (self-censorship is exercised as the original letter may be 'sensitive')

Thanks for your email. Please rest assure I will do my part to highlight animal welfare issue. I have been writing regularly to the press, some of the feedback were published.

HDB rules never make sense.

1) Dogs which they allow also shed fur. Rabbits, guinea pigs...etc - all these permitted as pets in HDB shed fur too.

2) 'Nomadic' cats - after so many years of living in urban environment, and some kept as pets for generations (in breeding, etc), whatever nomadic behaviour has been largely tone down.

3) Nuisances - these are the acts of irresponsible feeders & pet owners who never clean up or allow their dogs to shit and urine all over.

4) Noise - what about all those weddings, funerals, grass root events...etc they held at HDB void decks ? What about our neighbours' babies, children ...crying , screaming, running around ? So noise created by human is acceptable but not animals. Is this the intolerance society our govt wish to build ?

Have they ever done a survey to see how many HDB dwellers are already keeping pets ? How many would love to keep pets if the rule is relax ?

Can SPCA takes the lead ? What about working with other animal welfare groups on this project ?

Unity is strength. This is why I suggest a mass petition. They ignore individual letter ! Remember the AWARE saga ? At first MOE official statement was that the AWARE sexual education program is ok. Then those fanatics went around frightening parents and organised a mass petition online. MOE made a 360 degree turn and said they would stop AWARE program.

Government officials do not act until they are press hard. They normally stick to rules like glue (even if they don't enforce it). They do not like to rock the boat until they are force to.

Organise a mass petition year after year until they change the rule, please. Perhaps spread the work load, one year SPCA does it, next year ACER, ...etc.

Do any one know if there is any animal support from our MM Lee family ? Get someone from MM Lee family to speak up - action bound to happen.

As I mentioned before, HDB does not have the manpower nor ability to enforce their own rules. So there is no need to worry about their drastic action.

I still look forward to the day the organisation I believe in - SPCA will stop termination of healthy animals. I only hope it can happen in my life time. I believe I may have another 30 years to go and 30 years is a long time. If all animal welfare organisations combine force to drive HDB hard, I believe changes will happen.

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