Sunday, December 13, 2009

S'pore dealing with ageing population of our neighbours ?

I noticed there is an increase in the number of group gathering amongst foreign senior citizens who came here to live with their children. This can be observed in early morning at the parks where they gather to chit chat and exercise.

Thus I wonder has S'pore taken on the issue of ageing population of our neighbouring countries while struggling with our own ? With our liberal immigration policy and citizenship, aged parents could become S'pore PRs and live here with their child who has taken up citizenship.

So we welcome two retired senior citizens with every 'foreign talent' that immigrated here ? How does this work out mathematically to have high influx of foreigners to boost up the ratio of the work force vs retirees ?

Has the government done a break down of statistics as to how many PRs whom most of us presume are active working adults are in fact retired senior citizens ?

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